Where to Catch Zacian in Pokemon Sword

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After the credits have rolled on Pokemon Sword you be able to explore the Galar Region to your hearts content. During this time you are able to grab your title specific legendary Pokemon. This guide will show you where to catch Zacian in Pokemon Sword.

Note: you will want to stock up on supplies such as Potions before embarking on this catching quest.

Return to Slumbering Weald and Battle Hop and Sordward

Image showing returning the Rusted Sword in Pokemon Sword.

To catch Zacian you want to head back to where it all started, the Slumbering Weald. Make your way through the forest until you arrive at the section where you grabbed the Rusted Sword. Here you will find Hop. Speak to Hop to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene Hop will challenge you to a battle. Oblige him.

After you beat Hop, Sonia will appear. She announces she’s the new professor now. After her announcement she will give you a copy of her book. Sonia then tells you to put the Broken Sword back in its rightful place. Return the sword and a cutscene will trigger. In this cutscene NPCs Sordward and Shielbert will appear. They will want to battle. Defeat Sordward. After you defeat Sordward go off with Sonia to the Research Lab in Wedgehurst.

Visit Three Stadiums and Defeat Dynamaxed Pokemon

Image showing Turffield Stadium on the Map in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

In the Research Lab Sonia will show you readings from the Power Spot Detectors. These readings coincide with the location of Sordward and Shielbert. The reading are coming from Turffield stadium. Make your way to the stadium and head inside. Inside the stadium you will be greeted by Milo. A Dynamaxed Tsareena is going crazy inside the stadium. Go inside and take it out with the help of the other trainers.

After the fight Sworward and Shielbert will appear. Leave the stadium after the cutscene. At this point you will learn that there are more stadiums undergoing Dynamax phenomenon: Hulbury and Motostoke. Go to each one and complete them. Once done you will get a phone call telling you to return to the Research Lab.

Head Back to Research Lab and Confront the Weirdos

Image showing the weirdos in the Research Lab in Pokemon Sword.

Go back to the Research Lab in Wedgehurst and head inside. On entry you will trigger a cutscene with Sordward and Shielbert. They want to fight again. This time the fight is a team fight with Hop. Upon defeat it will be revealed that Professor Sonia’s assistant is actually a double agent. Leave the Research Lab to trigger another cutscene. This cutscene reveals that four more stadiums have Dynamaxed Pokemon inside them.

Visit Four Stadiums with Dynamaxed Pokemon

Image showing a Haxorus Dynamaxed in Pokemon Sword.

Now you need to visit four stadiums to defeat their Dynamaxed Pokemon. The stadiums that are experiencing Dynamaxed Pokemon are:

  1. Hammerlocke Stadium: Dynamax Haxorus.
  2. Stow-on-Side Stadium: Dynamax Conkeldurr.
  3. Circhester Stadium: Dynamax Gigalith.
  4. Ballonlea Stadium: Battle with Bede.

After you clear out all four stadiums you will receive another phone call from Sonia. The weirdos have entered the power plant under the Hammerlocke Stadium. Time to head there now.

Enter the Power Plant and Catch Zacian

Image showing the Zacian Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sword.

Inside the Hammerlocke stadium go up to Sonia and speak to her. Sonia will get the door open for you. Head inside and go down to the power plant. Take out Sordward and then take the elevator up to the roof. On the roof you will come into contact with Shielbert. Shielbert has successfully summoned Zamazenta. You need to defeat Zamazenta (note you can’t catch it).

After the battle Zacian will appear to protect Hop. Hop will leave and go after Zamazenta. Zacian will then be free to fight. Make a save here then dive into the fight. Once caught everyone will go their separate ways and you will be prompted to return to the Slumbering Weald to end the quest line.

That’s everything you need to know about where to catch Zacian in Pokemon Shield. Let me know what you think of this crazy sword wielding legendary wolf in the comments below.

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