Where to Buy Scrap Iron in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice you will need a number of materials to use for Prosthetic Tool upgrades. These materials can be found in the world or purchased from merchants. Below I will show you where to buy Scrap Iron in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Note: Completing option 2 will add Scrap Iron to Anayama the Peddler’s inventory automatically.

Option 1: Inform Anayama the Peddler About the Salt Shortage

Salt NPC Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Get Information for Anayama the Peddler

Anayama the Peddler is one of the first merchants you encounter in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. This merchant can be found in front of the closed gate next to the Outskirts Wall – Stairway Sculptor’s Idol. Anayama will add to his inventory depending on things you do for him. To gain access to infinite Scrap Iron you need to do the following:

  • Pay 50 sen for information (first store stock change).
  • Inform about salt (second store stock change). The information you are looking for regarding the salt can be found between the Old Grave and Great Serpent Shrine idols in the Ashina Castle. Near the bridge leading to the Great Serpent Shrine there are two guards standing by the water. Eavesdrop on them to learn about the salt.

After you inform Anayama about the salt shortage, he will begin to carry Scrap Iron among other things.

Option 2: Get the Dragon’s Tally Board

How to Get the Dragon's Tally Board

Before you can buy Scrap Iron at merchants, you are gonna need to advance the story quite a bit. To have shops carry Scrap Iron, you need to unlock the Dragon’s Tally Board. This item is earned after defeating the Corrupted Monk in the Fountainhead Palace (about 3/4 through the game). Once you have this item the stores will carry more items.

Visit A Merchant

Where to Buy Scrap Iron in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Once you have the Dragon’s Tally board you will have more options available for you. Visit any merchant (like any Memorial Mob merchant) and you will find they now stock infinite Scrap Iron. A convenient merchant to visit is the Dungeon Memorial Mob since it is right beside the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Sculptor’s Idol. One Scrap Iron can be purchased for 150 sen which is a bit expensive, but late game you are able to farm sen more efficiently, so it evens out I guess.

That’s all you need to know about buying Scrap Iron in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also check out our other Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guides like how to get all the endings.

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