All Endings in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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There are a total of four possible endings players can get in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Each ending shows a different resolution to the Sekiro story and offers a ton of lore to digest. Below you will find all endings in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Endings

  1. Shura ending.
  2. Immortal Severance ending.
  3. Purification ending.
  4. Return ending.

Each of the above endings can be acquired in one playthrough, but you need to save scum at certain moments, namely before the owl fight and before the final boss fight.

Shura Ending (Guide)

Via YouTuber Boss Fight Database

Achievement/Trophy: Shura.

This ending is triggered by siding with Owl on the top of Ashina Castle. If you choose to take on this ending, you will have to faceoff against two exclusive bosses:

  • Emma.
  • Isshin Ashina.

Upon defeat of these two bosses, you will witness the cutscene above.

Immortal Severance (Guide)
Via YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics.

Achievement/Trophy: Immortal Severance.

The Immortal Severance ending is the game’s normal ending. You get this ending by disobeying your father and beating the game. There’s nothing else you need to do. Upon completion of the Lightning Genichiro (third phase) + Sword Saint Isshin Ashina fight you will see the above cutscene.

Purification Ending (Guide)

Via YouTuber Shirrako

Achievement/Trophy: Purification.

This ending is a bit more involved than the two endings above. You need to disobey your father and then complete a number of eavesdrops on Emma, Shuro, and the Sculptor. Once you complete these eavesdrops you receive the Father’s Bell from Emma. This allows you to go to the Hirata Estates again. There is an exclusive boss in this ending:

  • Great Shinobi – Owl (Hirata Estates)

Upon killing Great Shinobi – Owl (Hirata Estates), you will receive the Aromatic Flower. This item is used to trigger the Purification ending after killing Lightning Genichiro (third phase) + Sword Saint Isshin Ashina. The ending can be seen above.

Return Ending (Guide)

Via YouTuber Shirrako

Achievement/Trophy: Dragon’s Homecoming.

To get the true ending (good ending I guess you can call it), you need to complete a number of tasks for the Divine Child of Rejuvenating Water in the inner Sanctum (more detail in guide). Once you’ve completed all the tasks, you will receive the Frozen Tears. Give this item to Kuro after the final boss fight to see the cutscene linked above.

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