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When you arrive in the High Rank area of Elder’s Crossing, you will be greeted by Uragaan. Uragaan is basically a High Rank version of Radobaan, who is covered in metal instead of bone. Fighting this beast can be a bit of a pain, but this Uragaan guide will help you.

Uragaan Information

Difficulty: 7⭐

Location: Elder’s Recess (HR Only)

Size: Large


  • Rut x 10pts
  • Old Rut x 10pts
  • Tarred Ore x 20pts

Species: Brute Wyvern

Weak To:

  • Water 3⭐
  • Dragon 2⭐
  • Ice 2⭐

Breakable/Severable (Weak Points): Tail, Head (weak point), Stomach (weak point)

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards): 

Scale+ 5⭐
Carapace 4⭐
Scute 4⭐
Marrow 3⭐
Ruby ⭐
Scale+ 4⭐
Carapace 4⭐
Scute 3⭐
M Hardbone 3⭐
Inferno Sac 3⭐
Marrow 2⭐
Firecell Stone 2⭐

Reward Money: NA – Optional

Hunting Quest Text: NA – Optional

Characteristics: Large brute wyverns that feed on ore, using their mighty jaws to crush solid rock to powder. They’ve been known to confront Lavaisoths over territory disputes.

Useful Information: A crushin slam from the Uragaan’s jaws can send shockwaves across the ground, detonating any explosive rocks in the area. In addition, when an Uragaan is toppled, its body can be mined for ore.

Uragaan Fight Guide

Main Fight Mechanic:  Ore Armor + Exploding Ore + Sleep + Roar

Ore Armor: When you first see Uragaan, you will immediately notice all the ore stuck to its outer shell. These ore serve armor (like Radobaan). With the ore on the exterior, you either need to knock Uragaan over (to attack its unprotected underside), or wait for it to tire out and fall over to deal that serious damage.

When on its side, you can gather the ore off of Uragaan’s back by going up to it and pressing gather. This will cause your hunter to mine the back like a mining spot you’d find throughout areas.

Exploding Ore: Uragaan scatters exploding ore around the arena when it uses various attacks. These ore lay dorminant, but can be triggered by Uragaan attacks or running into them as a hunter. This mechanic is similar to Bazelgeuse’s exploding scales and should be avoided wherever possible.

Sleep: Uragaan has the ability to cause sleep to players by releasing a sleep gas. This status effect causes nullifies hunter action and causes them to take more damage. To wake up, players either need to be hit by a friendly, hit by a monster, or have enough time pass. The sleep effect is denoted by a ZZZ above the health bar.

Roar: Large monsters have the ability to roar. This ability disrupts whatever action the hunter was doing (stun locks you briefly). There’s not much you can do about it in the early game (you’ll get better armor perks later).


Uragaan has a number of attacks and tools to use versus the hunters. It also has the ability to cause a couple of status effects which makes the fight even more difficult. Let’s look at this monsters kit:

  • Roll (vertical) – Uragaan can roll around the arena vertically (somersault) rather quickly. This attack move is similar to Radobaan’s.
  • Slam – Uragaan has a slam attack where it rears up on its back legs and slams its upper body into the ground.
  • Tailwhip – Has a tailwhip that can be triggered either in front or behind. This move causes Uragaan to spin 180+
  • Jump – Uragaan has a gap closing jump attack (seems pretty rare).
  • Head Attacks – Has a couple of attacks using its head. Attacks both vertically and horizontally.
  • Exploding Ore – Sheds exploding ore when using attacks above. These can deal serious damage if triggered.

Battle Tips: 

Uragaan’s ore armor makes this fight somewhat annoying. With that being said, there are a number of tips I can give you in hopes of making this fight a little better.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Avoid Sleep – Uragaan hunkers down and omits a gas out of its body. Stay away from this to not get put to sleep.
  • When Rolling Uragaan Can Be Staggered – A well time hit while Uragaan is rolling, causes it to fall over and reveals it’s weak belly.
  • Exploit Elemental Weakness: This isn’t applicable for a first fight (you won’t have access to elemental weapons), but is useful if you want to farm. As noted above, Uragaan is especially weak to Water elemental damage.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Uragaan α+β Set (Rarity 7)

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Uragaan Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Helm – 4x Scale+, 2x Carapace, 4x Lava Nugget*, 1x Firecell Stone*
  • Mail – 6x Carapace, 3x Scute, 2x Jaw, 1x Uragaan Ruby
  • Vambraces – 4x Carapace, 4x Scale+, 1x Marrow, 4x Lava Nugget*
  • Coil – 4x Scale+, 2x Carapace, 5x Fucium Ore*, 5x Monster Hardbone*
  • Greaves – 4x Carapace, 4x Scale+, 2x Scute, 5x Gastodon Carapace*

Set Bonus (3 or more pieces)Uragaan Protection (Guard Up): Allows you to guard against ordinarily unblockable attacks.

Image of Uragaan Set α Palico

The Uragaan Set α on my Palico.

Palico: All Materials are Uragaan Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Ironslab – 1x Jaw
  • Helm – 1x Carapace
  • Mail – 1x Scute

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This concludes our Uragaan guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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