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On Asgard you will encounter a quest that requires you to solve a number of light puzzles by shining lights onto sun-stones. This quest called Unseal the Well is the second quest in the Asgard story arc. Completing this quest is necessary to advance the game’s main plot. To help you solve the light puzzle during the Unseal the Well quest use our guide below.

How to Unseal the Well

Enter the location and make your way to the well. When you reach this room you will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you need to get the light in this room to shine on the two sunstones in the center of the room next to the well. This can be done fairly easily by follow the steps below.

Shine Light on Prism Over Entrance

The first step is to head across the room to the orb that has light shining out of it. Move this orb so it is shining onto the prism above the entrance you came into the room through. When this is done the light will split hitting two orbs to the left and right of the entrance. Return to the exit now.

Chain Left Orb to Reach Lower Sunstone

Image showing the second step in the Unseal the Well puzzle in AC Valhalla

Facing away from the exit head to the orb on your left. Aim this orb so it is hitting the next orb in line. Go over to the next orb and shine it onto the sunstone to complete this side of the room. Drop down to the well and head over to the side with the inactive sunstone.

Move Orb and Chain Them to Sunstone

Image showing the third step in the Unseal the Well puzzle in AC Valhalla

Next to the unlit sunstone there is a moveable orb. Pull the orb so it is lined up so it can receive light and shine it to the sunstone (as shown in the image above). Once the orb is in position head up the right orb next to the entrance. Shine the orb down onto the orb you just moved to bounce the light onto the sunstone. If you miss just re-position the moveable orb below until you hit the sunstone.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Unseal the Well puzzle. This puzzle is fairly straightforward to complete, but does take a little bit of thought before hand. Once the well is open you are able to collect water from it. This is necessary to continue the story arc.

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