4 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is a bit of a strange game since it really consists of two parts: the main game and the end game. As you progress through the game you may feel like you’ve made progress, but there is a ton to do in the late game. If you’ve seen the credits roll and want to know what’s next this post is for you. Below I will show you 5 things to do after Beating Pokemon Legends Arceus.


Catch ‘Em All

The big end game goal is to catch each and every Pokemon in the game. There are 242 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This goal becomes your main challenge at the end of the game. Once the credits conclude you are tasked with completing a new main story mission called A New Day Dawns. This mission is to complete the Pokedex. If you reach the 242 mark you will unlock further content to complete including facing off against Arceus. You also unlock the Shiny Charm for your efforts as well.

Hunt Down the Legendary Pokemon

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In the same vein as the suggestion above you will want to hunt down the game’s Legendary Pokemon. Most of them are not accessible until after you’ve completed the main storyline. Once you do that you will unlock the ability to fight a number of Legendary Pokemon across the different maps. These Legendary Pokemon have their own Requests tied to them, so start doing the requests that are available once the game is over.

Complete Any and All Remaining Requests

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If you didn’t notice already there are a ton of Requests for players to complete in the game. There are a total of 94 Requests players can complete for villagers. Many of these Requests are simple while some are more complex like Request 22, which is to gather 107 Wisps from around the region. A lot of the Requests don’t appear until you’ve acquired specific Pokemon, so completing them all goes hand-in-hand with completing the game’s last mission.

Shiny-Hunt or Challenge Runs

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If you’ve done everything up to this point you’ve basically seen everything the game has to offer. This puts you in rare companion as a true Pokemon master. To liven things up you can try shiny hunting (using your Shiny Charm) or take part in challenge runs to make the game more interesting and replayable.

Stack Items and Pokedollars for DLC

Given the success of Pokemon Legends Arceus it is almost a foregone conclusion that there will be DLC for the title. What form this DLC takes remains largely up-in-the-air, but chances are high that there will more Pokemon and more stories added. Before they hit you may want to start stocking up on supplies and Pokedollars. Since the endgame is the best place to do this now is the time to start grinding money sources and purchasing items you will need for the next pieces of content.

Thoughts on these things to do after beating Pokemon Legends Arceus? Drop them in the comments below. Let me know what you are spending your post-ending time doing.



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