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The Legend of Beowulf is a mission players received from purchasing the season pass for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This mission tasks you with hunting down a monster that has been attacking livestock in East Anglia. As is the case things aren’t exactly as they appear so it is up to Eivor to sort things out. To help you complete this bonus mission check out our The Legend of Beowulf guide below.

How to Start The Legend of Beowulf Mission

Recommended Power: 55ish.

Before you can start this season pass bonus mission you need to advance the main story of the game until you reach England. Once you are in England you will establish the settlement of Ravensthorpe. Inside this settlement you have a room with a mailbox. When you’ve completed the arc up to Sigmund leaving you will receive a letter from Wulfhilda inviting you to her small village near Brisleah Farm. This invitation starts The Legend of Beowulf mission arc.

Part 1: A Fiend out of Hell

The first part of The Legend of Beowulf mission is called A Fiend out of Hell. This section of the mission tasks you with completing a number of quest steps to advance the mission. To complete this chapter of The Legend of Beowulf mission consult the quest steps below. There are three steps you need to complete to complete this chapter.

Find and Speak to Wulfhilda

Image showing the map location of Wulfhilda.

When you feel adequately powerful make your way to the East Anglia territory and visit the village on the banks of the Deod River. In this village look for a large crowd of people gathered. Approach the crowd to trigger a cutscene where the villagers will turn on you. Defeat the three enemies that attack in a fist fight to meet Wulfhilda. Wulfhilda wants you to investigate the mauled livestock.

Investigate the Mauled Livestock

Image showing the cows in The Legend of Beowulf mission.

After you speak to Wulfhilda you will need to collect evidence from cow corpses in the field beside the bard. The field is just south of where you had the fight and it contains a number of corpses. Use Odin’s Vision to find the evidence in this field. You need to gather four pieces of it:

  • Cow Corpse.
  • Speak to lady.
  • Cow on roof.
  • Child on the small roof.

Once you’ve interacted with these four pieces of evidence you will have completed this quest step. The evidence you’ve gathered indicates that it was possibly a group of people that killed the livestock, not some sort of beast. This realization will trigger a recreation of events.

Speak to Wulfhilda

Since you’ve gathered the evidence in support of your theory return to Wulfhilda and speak to her. She is standing beside the first corpse at the entrance to the field. When you speak to her you will walk through the theory that this is a group of people not a beast. After this interaction the A Fiend out of Hell part of the quest will be completed and you will begin the second part of the quest.

Part 2: Prey in the High Hall

Now that you’ve done some investigation it is time to gather more evidence from the older sites. Wulfhilda mentions there has been a total of three incidents with damage to the livestock being the same at all three. This revelation will start the second portion of the The Legend of Beowulf arc called Prey in the High Hall. There are a number of quest steps in this chapter for players to complete. .

Reach the First Mauling Site

Image showing where to find the first mauling site in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

From the village make your way to the northeast to reach the first mauling site. When you reach this site you will trigger a fight where you need to defeat three wolves that are attacking an old woman. Defeat the three wolves then speak to the woman to learn that her cow has gone missing. While telling you about the missing cow the old woman will give you information on a leader named Hrothgar who lost his axe.

Follow Wulfhilda to Brisleah

Leave the site of the first mauling and follow Wulfhilda to the nearby farm called Brisleah. Brisleah is the scene of a gruesome battle so there are corpses strewn about. Continue forward with Wulfhilda into the church. Inside the church you will find the remains of various members of Hrothgar’s group, but Hrothgar is not among them.

Explore the Church to Look for Hrothgar

Image showing where to find Hrothgar.

Once you’ve made the discovery of the missing Hrothgar you will need to look around the church to find him. Hrothgar can be found on the second floor of the main room of the church. He is only accessible via the ladder on the wood platform above. You need to use your bow to shoot the ladder down so you can reach it. Once the ladder is down you are able to climb up it to reach Hrothgar. Speak to Hrothgar to trigger a cutscene.

Keep Watch with Wulfhilda then Defeat Grendel

Image showing Grendel in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Upon speaking to Hrothgar you and Wulfhilda will wait for Grendel in the church. To pass the time if needed interact with the button prompt on the second floor to have Eivor meditate. Once night has fallen simply stand on the second floor and wait for Grendel to appear below. When Grendel does appear you need to fight him. Defeat Grendel to complete the second chapter of the arc.

Part 3: Ever As Fate Must

When you defeat Grendel you will end the second chapter and will begin the third chapter called Ever As Fate Must. This chapter is the final chapter in The Legend of Beowulf arc. To complete this chapter you need to complete a number of quest steps I walk you through below.

Find Grendel’s Lair and Defeat the Monster

Image showing the entrance to Grendel's Lair.

To find Grendel’s Lair you need to follow the trail of mold Grendel left behind as he made his way to the church. This trail of mold appears when you use Odin Vision and takes you to the southwest of the church. Follow the trail until you reach the a large hole in the ground called Grime’s Graves. Jump down the hole to enter it.

I the Grime’s Graves area follow the parkour pathway north until you reach the cursed area. In this cursed area destroy the skull on the center column to remove the curse. Once the curse has been lifted grab the nearby key and unlock the door. Head into the next room to encounter Mother. Defeat Mother to trigger a cutscene. Turns out Mother is the same women we spoke to at the village.

Speak to Wulfhilda to End Mission

After the interaction with Mother leave Grime’s Graves and head back to the Brisleah church. Speak to Wulfhilda and tell her what you found out about the ‘monster.’ Once you tell Wulfhilda about both of Grendel and Mother you will complete this chapter and The Legend of Beowulf mission arc. For your efforts on this mission you will earn XP as your reward.

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10 responses

  1. Barry says:

    The beowulf mission was crap, it wasnt really anything like the legend, would have been so much better if it followed the legend better, e.g. an actual monster who kept attacking ur longhouse at night, stealing/killing people, then could have had beowulf appear saying he has been hunting a monster called grendel and teams up with eivor to hunt the creature and take it down

    Could have made it a true boss fight against grendel (like in previous games), you work with beowulf to get the health down to 5% and then it launches a QTE cutscene to take down the remaining health and deliver the final blow

    Beowulf then thanks u for helping avenge his clan and stop the monster and he give u his axe (legendary weapon) as a reward

    Power level to play it would be set at say 200-300 based on power requirements for other parts of the game

  2. Jacob says:

    Yeah I’m a huge fan of the story of Beowulf but this just felt like a waste. So much more could’ve been done. I was able to kill Grendel with an assassination and now the game is bugging so I can’t even fight Grendels mother. Was hoping to fight a demon but just fought a hairy dude.

  3. Justin says:

    Yeah i was hoping to fight the actual creatures and ragnars death quest doesnt even worl no matter what i do so the only good thing out of the pass and recent updates was going to ireland. I wish they would fix all the bugs and make it more epic with creatures you fight. They should have held off releasing the game

  4. j r says:

    I agree with Pedro. This mission was really lame. I just spent $40 for a season pass and I don’t want to wait a month to play more content than the 30 min or so out now. I expected for beowolf to be a bit longer and a lot better. Very disappointed…

    I was looking forward to fighting the real Grendel stupid mission and it doesn’t even make sense


    It would’ve made a lot more sense for Grendel to be a mythical creature than a human who can somehow throw a cow up onto a roof– very stupid , boring, not challenging, complete ripoff

    • Bob says:

      The only reason it does not make sense is because you chose not to listen to the dialogue or read the letters that were in the quest. If you did pay attention you would realize that it is about a person who had their body grow more than their brain. A disorder that is actually quite common even today when someone’s body develops faster than their brain does. As such Grendel was left as someone with a big body but a mindset of a child’s which nowadays would just be classified as a mental disorder. Because of this grendel got strong. Wanted to play with people but as letters state people made fun of grendel and called him a monster and taunted and threatened grendel and his mother causing them to run away and live away from normal people. But while trying to keep grendel hidden away grendel found a way out and ended up killing livestock and people because he wanted someone to play with but his strength ended up killing them instead. When people found out grendel’s mother lied saying it was danes so she can protect grendel from any harm which is where eivor comes into the whole story investigating and ends up killing grendel and his mom just to find out the true story behind it all.

      So now you know. It does make sense. Pay attention next time. Just because you don’t know what any of it means does not mean it does not make any sense lol

  5. Pedro Badra Muniz says:

    Paid $40 just for one extra mission. Ridiculous. Expansions on Assassins creed Odyssey were real expansions. Not this.

    • Pedro Gonzales says:

      The expansions are not released yet man. Take it easy.

    • Myck says:

      Played the beowulf missiin now I cant go back to my settlement. Cant fast travel, cant dock, cant walk in on foot or horse back…im absolutely livid. As all of the saves previous to starting Beowolf have been over written. Over 30 hours of play and my whole game is screwed.

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