The Last of Us 2: Channel 13 Collectibles Guide

Once Ellie makes it through Capitol Hill she will arrive at Channel 13, a large broadcasting station you will need to explore. This portion sub-chapter is rather short so that means there are only a few collectibles to find. With that said there are collectibles so let’s find them. To get the collectibles for this sub-chapter use our The Last of Us Part II Channel 13 collectibles guide below.

Channel 13 Collectibles List (2 Total)

  • Artifacts: 1
  • Trading Cards: 1

Kimimela Trading Card Location

Image showing the Kimimela Trading Card Location.

Make your way into Channel 13 by scaling the exterior planter boxes. Head through station until you have to go outside again and must walk on a small ledge to reach an open window. Complete this maneuver so you are inside an office. Walk out of this office and through the hallway into the office with the body slumped in front of it. On the desk is the Kimimela Trading Card (1/1).

Dad’s Pep Talk Location

Image showing the Dad’s Pep Talk Location.

When you are ready to leave the offices head through the double doors by the slumped corpse and make your way up the stairs. Go to the right inside the next set of offices and interact with the half closed door to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene is over head to the office in the opposite corner of the floor and grab the Dad’s Pep Talk (1/1) off the blue couch there.

That’s all the collectibles for this level in The Last of Us Part II. Since it is such a short mission there really isn’t a ton for you to explore. If you want to unlock all the trophies in the game you need to collect the above mentioned collectibles as part of the trophy list.

Next Level: The Tunnels collectibles guide.

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