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At the end of The Island you will be forced to escape. This start the aptly named The Escape mission. While Abby and the gang are escaping the island there are 2 collectibles you can find. To ensure you don’t miss any of these collectibles we’ve put together a short guide. Below you will find our The Last of Us 2 The Escape collectibles locations guide.

The Escape Collectibles List (2 Total)

  • Coins: 1
  • Workbenches: 1

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

The Escape Coin #1: Arkansas Location

Image showing The Escape Coin #1 Arkansas Location.

Go through the town with Yara and Lev until you exit the second building. After the second building you enter (where the WLF can be seen in the windows) you will have to crawl under a truck. Don’t crawl under, instead head to the left and search around the shopping cart to find the Arkansas Coin (1/1).

The Escape Workbench #1 Location

Near the end of the level you will boost Lev up to a ledge where he will drop down a ladder to you. After you’ve climbed up the ladder you will climb through a window. Upon landing you will see The Escape Workbench (1/1) right in front of you. This one is pretty much unmissable.

That’s all the collectibles in The Escape mission of TLOU 2. The next couple of missions have no collectibles. After that there are only three missions with collectibles left.

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