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After you complete The Aquarium mission you will start Chapter 28 of The Last of Us 2 called Hostile Territory. This chapter is fairly open and features a number of collectibles for players to find. The Hostile Territory collectibles locations guide below shows you the location of all of the collectibles in Hostile Territory.

Hostile Territory Collectibles List (18 Total)

  • Artifacts: 12.
  • Coins: 1.
  • Workbenches: 1.
  • Safes: 1.
  • Training Manuals: 1.
  • Weapons: 1.
  • Gun Holster: 1.

Like most collectibles in this game you will want to grab them in the order they are listed below as you can very easily get gated from returning to an area. If for some reason you do miss a collectible you can replay a chapter from the Main Menu > Story > Chapters screen.

Hostile Territory Artifact #1: Scar’s Suicide Note Location

Image showing the Scar’s Suicide Note Location in Hostile Territory.

After you jump the fence and split up from Manny head past the Spicy Dumpling shop and go down the stairs. Climb through the broken window the building opposite Tang Fabrics & Imports to reach a room with Scar’s Suicide Note (1/12) inside. In this same room you can grab the Training Manual: Close Combat.

Hostile Territory Coin: North Dakota Location

Image showing the North Dakota Coin Location in Hostile Territory.

Go through Tang Fabrics & Imports and climb through the broken window. Cross the street and climb the green car and then the white RV to access the apartment window. In the first room you will find the North Dakota Coin (1/1) in the drawer next to the oscillating white fan.

Hostile Territory Safe Location (68-96-89)

Image showing the Hostile Territory Safe Location.

After your brush with the Clicker by the door you have squeeze through you will jump over a wall and end up in Chinatown. Enter the first store on your left called Jasmine Bakery by melee the window. Inside the bakery the Hostile Territory Safe (1/1) can be found behind the counter. Open it with the combination 68-96-89.

Hostile Territory Artifact #2: Plea to Seraphite Prophet Location

Image showing the Plea to Seraphite Prophet Location in Hostile Territory.

Head down the street and enter the store on your left called Ruby Dragon. Go to the back of the store and head upstairs. Avoid or kill the clickers then jump across the balcony to the neighboring store called King Street Relics. Head up the stairs and grab the Plea to Seraphite Prophet (2/12) off the skeleton by the green table.

Hostile Territory Artifact #3: Jasmine Bakery Safe Location

Go back down the stairs leading to the rooftop patio where you found the previous collectible. Go past the ledge you jumped across and go into the room on your right. On a box in this room you will find the Jasmine Bakery Safe note (3/12).

Hostile Territory Artifact #4: Strange Relic Location

Image showing the Strange Relic Location in Hostile Territory.

In the room after the previous collectible there is a hole in the floor. DO NOT JUMP DOWN IT. Instead turn to the right to find a table with a fan on it. Beside the fan there is the Strange Relic (4/12). Grab this artifact to trigger the trophy called Relic of the Sages which is a running Naughty Dog easter egg.

Hostile Territory Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun Location

Drop down the hole in the floor and defeat the infected that immediately attacks you. After this enemy is dealt with go behind the counter and grab the Double Barrel Shotgun that is in a gun rack there.

Hostile Territory Artifacts #5-10 Locations

Image showing where to find the Hostile Territory Artifacts #5-10 Locations

Leave Chinatown and run down the street to the truck that has a number of flowers around it. Five prayers (artifacts) have been placed around and in the truck. There is one in the back, two stuck on the exterior – left, one on the ground of the exterior – left, and two stuck on the exterior – right. All of these collectibles have are titled Seraphite Prayer to Prophet:

  • Pairing.
  • Prosperity Prayer for Victory.
  • Respect.
  • Steed.
  • Peace.

Run around the truck and go into the back to collect all five of these Hostile Territory Artifacts (9/12). If you miss any of the above listed collectibles simply look in the Artifacts section of your backpack to see which is missing.

Hostile Territory Artifact #11: WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter Location

From the truck above head to the right and vault into the nail salon store. On the front counter near the cat statue you will find the WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter (10/12).

Hostile Territory Gun Holster Location

After you grab the last collectible head deeper into the nail salon and go through the brown door in the back. On the table in this room you will get the Short Gun Holster. This holster adds an additional Short Gun to your on the fly swap-able weapons.

Hostile Territory Artifact #12 & Hostile Territory Workbench Locations

Once you’ve made it over the checkpoint you will encounter a number of enemies camped out in the ruins of the Fresnal building. Enter this building and make your way up to the third floor. After you emerge from crawling through the rubble leading to the third floor make a left and run past the entrance desk to find a camp area. In this area you will find the Letter from Seraphite Father to Son (12/12) on a table and the Hostile Territory Workbench (1/1).

That’s all the collectibles there are to find in Chapter 28 Hostile Territory of The Last of Us 2. The next chapter, Winter Visit, does not feature any collectibles. The following chapter does and that guide is linked below.

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