The Division 2 Artwork Guide: All Collectible Artwork Locations

The Division 2 Artifacts Artwork Locations

In The Division 2 there are a number of collectibles hidden throughout the Washington, D.C. area. One type of collectible is the Artifacts Artwork. These are located all over the open world and can be collected. Below I will show you all the Artifacts Artwork locations in The Division 2.

About Artwork Collectibles in The Division 2:

  • There are 13 pieces of Artwork.
  • Finding Artwork rewards you with E-Credits and XP.
  • Artwork can be viewed under Progression > Collectibles > Artifacts > Artwork.
  • ISAC will tell you there is an item of importance nearby when you are close to a piece of artwork.

Artwork List

There are a total of 13 Artwork collectibles to find in The Division 2. These collectibles need to be interacted with in order to add them to your collection.

  1. Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci.
  2. Judith Leyster – Self Portrait.
  3. St George and the Dragon.
  4. Hercules and the Nemean Lion.
  5. The Boston Massacre.
  6. The Fall of Phaeton.
  7. Rembrandt van Rijn – Self Portrait.
  8. Watson and the Shark.
  9. Woman holding a Balance.
  10. Vincent Van Gogh – Self Portrait.
  11. The Great Red Dragon and the Woman.
  12. The Emperor Napoleon.
  13. Bazille and Camille.

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1. Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci Location (White House)

You will find the Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci in the supply room of the Ellipse Fuel Depot Control Point. You need to clear out the area of enemies and survive their attacks to gain access to this room. Look for the painting by the yellow chest.

2. Judith Leyster – Self-Portrait Location (Federal Triangle)

To find this painting you will need to make your way to the 1040 Safe House in Federal Triangle. Once at the Safe House, make your way out of the north east exit and you will reach a courtyard. In the courtyard there is a ladder. Climb up the ladder and go through the windows on your left. In this area is the Self-Portrait.

3. St George and the Dragon Location (Downtown East)

The St George and the Dragon painting can be found inside the Cantar building which is located east, across the street from the Demolition Site Control Point in Downtown East. Go inside the building and make your way main open area (large christmas tree, Nutcracker, etc.). In this area look for a spiral statue poking up out of the floor. Beside this statue is some stairs leading down. Go down the stairs and look to your left to find the painting leaning against a Nutcracker.

4. Hercules and the Nemean Lion Location (Downtown East)

This painting can be found in the The Department of the United States Mint and Treasury. Enter the building and go into the second room to find it leaning against a wall by the door.

5. The Boston Massacre Location (Southwest)

The Boston Massacre art piece can be found in the basement of the building on the map above. Go down the stairs and you will find it lying on the floor surrounded by junk.

6. The Fall of Phaeton Location (Southwest)

Note: To access this museum you need to start the Rescue the Curators mission you get from Olivia Vance. Olivia can be found in the parkade to just west of the Castle Settlement.

Make your way to the end of the mission where you defeat the True Sons leader and speak with Deion. Go back to the entrance of the room with Deion and go right of the Gold Statue into the area with the Old Glory Flag relic. Go past the relic and enter the doors on your right leading to some stairs going down. Go down the stairs into the entry and look left to find the painting.

7. Rembrandt van Rijn – Self Portrait Location (East Mall)

To get this painting, go to the park and look for a green building. Leaning against the building on the south side is the artwork.

8. Watson and the Shark Location (Constitution Hall)

The Watson and the Shark painting is located on the second floor of the building shown on the map above. To reach the second floor, go through the window on the southside of the building then interact with the door on the west end of the floor. This turns on the sprinkler system allowing you to go upstairs. Follow the upstairs hallway until you reach the painting.

9. Woman Holding a Balance Location (Downtown West)

You will find this painting in The World’s End Control Point in the Downtown West Area. Once the control point is clear, make your way into the upper room of the building on the east side. In this room is the painting.

10. Vincent Van Gogh – Self Portrait Location (Foggy Bottom)

You will find the Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait inside an underground parking lot of an apartment building in Foggy Bottom. You can enter the building by opening the garage door on the northside.

11. The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Location (West End)

This piece of artwork can be found directly west of the Overgrowth Control Point in the West End area. In the alley way you will see a makeshift room, with a table in the middle along with the painting on the wall.

12. The Emperor Napoleon Location (West Potomac Park)

This art piece is located along Henry Bacon Dr NW in West Potomac Park. On the westside of the road there is an entrance to the Underground. It is inside a locked building. Walk around the building and look for an open window. Climb through the window and go downstairs and into the next room. Beneath the stairs in this room is The Emperor Napoleon painting.

13. Bazille and Camille Location (Judiciary Square)

To get this artwork, go into the back alley of the building on the northside and climb the fire escape. Once you reach a patio area, climb up the planter and onto a higher section of roof. Walk along the roof and look to your right to find an open window. Go inside the window and you will be in the apartment with the art piece.

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