The Division 2 Relics Guide: Artifacts Relics Locations

There are a number of collectibles to find in The Division 2 called Artifacts. These artifacts are broken in to different categories, with one being Relics. This guide will show you all Artifacts Relics locations in The Division 2. Guide Status: Updating.

About Relics in The Division 2:

  • There are 13 Relics.
  • Finding Relics rewards you with E-Credits and XP.
  • Relics found can be viewed under Progression > Collectibles > Artifacts > Relics.
  • ISAC will mention an item of importance when you are near a Relic.

Relics Locations Map

There are a 13 Relics located around the Washington area. These Relics are marked at the locations on the map above. Will update with map soon.

1. Crystal Skull Location

The Crystal Skull relic can be found on G Street NW by a corpse next to a hot dog stand. This location is found just south of the Final Epiphany safe house.

2. Old Glory Flag Location

Note: To access this museum you need to start the Rescue the Curators mission you get from Olivia Vance. Olivia can be found in the parkade to just west of the Castle Settlement. There is piece of artwork in this museum as well.

Once you have the side mission, go to the museum and make your way through the quest until you rescue Deon Bailey. In the room with Deon, go right of the Golden Statue into the small room and you should see the flag leaning up against a crate lid.

3. Yamaki Pine Location

This relic is located in the Foggy Bottom region of Washington. Make your way West of the Truman Safe House and climb up the hot dog cart along the wall. Hang a left immediately and look for a cube van along a fence. Go to the cube van, climb on top of it and shoot the lock off the door below. Go through the now open door and take the rope up. Jump from the scaffolding into the backyard to find the Yamaki Pine there.

4. Greffulhe Stradivarius Location

The Greffulhe Stradivarius relic can be found in an apartment at the building on the corner of F St NW and 20th St NW in the Downtown West area. Go into the alleyway on the northside of the building and climb the blue crates up to the yellow tarp area and then go through the window into the apartment. By the door is the relic.

I will be updating this guide as I find more relics in the world. If you stumble across any, drop them in the comments section below and I will add them (with credit to you).

Thoughts on our Artifacts Relics Locations guide? Let us hear them in The Pit below.


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