Uninvited Guests Guide – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Following the brief diving cutscene of Alex and Julia in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan we return to the surface where Fliss and Conrad are hanging out on The Duke. During this chapter you take control of both Fliss and Julia. This means spending time on the surface and doing the dive. Here’s our Uninvited Guests guide to get you through this chapter.


  • There are five collectibles in this chapter:
    • Cut and Run (Black Framed Picture #1).
    • Devil and the Deep (Black Framed Picture #2).
    • Flight Plan (not accessible on this run).
    • Anti-Aircraft Shell.
    • Missing Lifeboat.
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

Uninvited Guests (Playing as Fliss)

Image showing Fliss and Conrad on The Duke in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan.
Conrad and Fliss on the Duke.

When you return to The Duke you will take control of Fliss. Fliss is being pestered by Conrad. The conversation will be icy at the start, but things turn around as you speak more. Here’s what you should say to Conrad during the interaction:

  1. RELAXED: “Sure, why not” 
  2. SUBDUED: “It’s a long story”
  3. APPRECIATIVE: “That’s very kind of you” 

After this interaction you will take control of Fliss. Walk back to Conrad and speak with him a second time. Say the following to him during the interaction:

  1. RELAXED: “Taking advantage of your relaxation time?” 
  2. PLAYFUL: “Too bad charm isn’t among them” 
  3. ROMANTIC: “I have to keep track of the dive, but…” (This unlocks the A pint of frosty amber liquid achievement)

Once you’re finished with Conrad take Fliss below deck and speak with Brad. Tell Brad the following:

  1. SYMPATHETIC: “Hey, It’s your vacation” 
  2. CONCERNED “Hope they know what they’re doing”
  3. CURIOUS “Are you close with your brother?”

With this interaction out of the way take Fliss to her room below deck. Inside this room you will find the first collectible of this level Black Framed Picture #2: Cut and Run.

Collectible: Black Framed Picture #2: Cut and Run

Image showing the Black Framed Picture #2 Cut and Run.
The Black Framed Picture #2 collectible.

As Fliss you are able to enter her room (left side of hallway). Inside her room on you will find the Black Framed Picture #2: Cut and Run. Interact with the picture when prompted to collect it.

After you’ve grabbed the collectible make your way back to upper deck control area of the boat and approach the console to check the weather. Wait a bit (or interact with the Binoculars) and a cutscene will play of fisherman approaching The Duke on a boat. Fliss will talk to Conrad after the boat arrives:

  2. WORRIED: “This feels off”
  3. WORRIED “We’ve got divers in the water” 

Once this sequence is complete we cut to Julia in the water below. You then take control of Julia for the next section of the chapter. Here you will need to complete a few events before the chapter ends.

Uninvited Guests (Playing as Julia)

Image showing the Uninvited Guests QTE.
Diving QTE.

As soon as it switches over to Julia be ready for a QTE. Press square when prompted to avoid Julia getting hurt on the rusty wreck. Once this QTE is out of the way we can grab another collectible.

Collectible: Black Framed Picture #1: Devil and the Deep

Image showing the location of the Black Framed Picture #2 Devil and the Deep.
The Black Framed Picture #1 collectible.

Before swimming through the first gap look to the left of find this picture sitting on the wall. Go towards it and you will be prompted to interact with it. Push the interact button to collect it.

Once you’ve acquired this collectible swim through the first gap and look up and interact with a tube above. Reply with the CONCERNED: “Maybe it’s kind of dangerous.” Follow Alex and grab two more collectibles along the way. Note: this is the location of the Secret #30: Flight Plan. Choose to go after it to collect it.

Secret #49: Anti-Aircraft Shell

Image showing the location of the Secret #49: Anti-Aircraft Shell.
The Anti-Aircraft Shell collectible.

After the first gap you swim through look to the right for a glittering shine on the wall. Swim up to it. As you are near you will be prompted to interact. Interact with it to get the Anti-Aircraft Shell secret.

Secret #40: Missing Lifeboat

Image showing the location of the Secret #40: Missing Lifeboat.
The Missing Lifeboat collectible.

Continue down the passage from the last secret and look to your left to find an interactable section that used to hold lifeboats. Push the interact button to inspect it.

Keep heading forward deeper into the wreck until you reach the door to the cockpit. Use the bangstick on the door to open it. This destroys the bangstick. Go inside the cockpit and wait around until a cutscene triggers. After the cutscene answer Alex with the following responses during the marriage proposal and decompression:

  1. ASTOUNDED: “We almost died” 
  2. LOVING: “Yes” – Unlocks the Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! achievement/trophy.
  3. CAUTIOUS: “Damn yeah, okay” 
  4. RELUCTANT: “This is taking too long…” 
  5. Back at the boat answer with the following Anxious: “What’s up with that other boat?”

This ends the Uninvited Guest chapter. You will see a brief cutscene with the Curator and will unlock the Special Feature: The History of Anthological Horror (which can be accessed at the main menu). After this cutscene the next chapter Ghost Story will begin.

This guide is part of HTR’s much larger The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide. Visit the hub page to find a variety of guides for this game including each mission and the different collectibles in them.

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