The Blind King Guide – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Blind King Guide
You will find the blind man beside the temple, praying to a statue.

If you pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you received an additional mission called The Blind King. This mission takes place further into the story (around the level 15 mark), and offers both coin and XP for you troubles. To help you get through this mission, I’ve put together this quick The Blind King guide. Let’s get started.

When Does The Blind King Mission Unlock?

The Blind King Mission Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Once you complete the story mission The Big Break, you will unlock The Blind King mission.

Before I dive into the actual mission, I figured I would broach this question now. The Blind King mission unlocks once you are on the open waters after completing the story mission The Big Break. Once you’ve completed this mission The Blind King will become accessible. With that said, the mission has a recommended level of 15, so chances are you won’t be completing until a bit deeper into the game. Here’s the official description of The Blind King mission:

Kassandra happened upon a blind Persian who wished to see the world his fried had told him about in stories. Agreeing to be his “eyes,” she pledged to travel these lands on the beggar’s behalf.

Objective 1: Talk to the Blind Man

Now that we know about when The Blind King mission unlocks, it’s time to actually get the mission underway. The first objective of the mission is to talk to the blind man. This blind man the objective speaks of is located Megara in the Valley of King Lelex on Megaris. More specifically you will find the blind man on the west side of the Temple of Apollo, praying to a statue.

When you speak with the blind man he will ask you to spare some coin. Delving further, the blind man will reveal that he is looking for someone to be his eyes. Accept the chance to be his eyes to unlock the next section of the mission.

Objective 2: Synchronize with the requested Locations

After you offer to be the man’s eyes, he will talk about seeing 5 unique places in Greece. These unique places are Synchronize Locations. The 5 places he wants you to visit are:

Statue of Zeus

You will find the Statue of Zeus on the starting island of Kephallonia. This huge statue is incredibly hard to miss. Make your way to the tip (not that tip) of the the statue to synchronize this location.

Statue of Athena

The statue of Athene can be located in Greater Athens in Attika. You will find the statue located in the western portion of Greater Athens (in the Akropolis Sanctuary). To synchronize this location, you need to climb to the very top of of the headpiece the statue.


Akrokorinth can be found in Akrokorinth on Korinthia. The temple is sitting on a giant mountain overlooking neighboring Korinth. Climb to the very top of the temple to synchronize.

Mount Taygetos

Mount Taygetos can be found in Lakonia overlooking the Forest of Eurotas. On the top of the mountain there is a large tree branch exteding out over the edge. On this branch is the synchronize location.

Armored Bird

You will find the Armored Bird on the mountainside overlooking Stymphalos in Arkadia. To synchronize this location, climb onto the helmet of the Armored Bird.

Return to Artaxerxes (aka the Blind Man)

Note: the following outcome comes from allowing Artaxerxes to live during your interaction with him.

Once you’ve synchronized at all 5 locations listed above, you will be prompted to return to Artaxerxes. Make your way back to the Blind Man and talk with him about each location. During this exchange you will learn more about Artaxerxes. Turns out he has an interesting past… Anyways, from speaking with Artexerxes you learn about the location of Themistokles’s treasure. The treasure can be found on the Isle of Salamis. For completing the mission and collecting the treasure you will earn the following:

  • Persian Warrior’s Waistband (Epic)
  • Artexerxes’s Treasure (worth 4125)
  • 4500 XP

Upon collection of the treasure, the mission comes to a close.

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  1. Ytm56 says:

    Thanks, this really helped a lot!

  2. Jonathan Lawler says:

    It was ok but no reward unless all ready got eairly in game when I done the tomb so u can’t finish, I paid a lot of money to get this included and it was rubbish ending.

  3. Shweed says:

    Sucks that i even started this mission cause i can’t finish it! Already looted the treasure and now its just stuck in my quests!! I hope they fix this!

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    This fucking mission disappeared on me. I had it one minute the next I have no idea where it is.

  5. Dragonspire69 says:

    Sadness becomes reality when you realize you’ve already looted the chest before the quest.completion, so the mission just remains there waiting for nothing, never going to be completed.

  6. Kassandra says:

    Good guide but personally im glad i discovered all the locations myself. Too bad ya cant fall in love with artaxerxes as one of the many options. Also feel bad hes exiled now, wish there was a second quest with him.

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