Starfield: Cutter – Where to Get and What to Do with It

Image showing a Cutter for sale in Starfield.

The Starfield Cutter is a valuable weapon players can acquire when exploring the various planets and locations in the game. This weapon serves a very important function in the game as it allows players to mine and cut through various materials. To learn more about this weapon and what to do with it, see our Starfield Cutter guide below.

Where to Get a Cutter in Starfield

You are first introduced to the Cutter weapon in the tutorial of the game. During the mining section of the mission you are prompted to pick up this tool. Like other weapons in the game, the Cutter can be disposed of. This means you may end up in a scenario where you don’t have one. Luckily for you there are a few methods to acquiring another one:

  • Buy from Vendors: Vendors that sell any sort of weapon will have a Cutter on hand for you to purchase. Simply purchase one to add it to your inventory.
  • Find it While Exploring: Cutters will often appear in locations that make sense for them to be like mines. You can visit a location such as a mine and loot one.
  • Loot Off a Person: If you encounter someone wielding a Cutter you can take it from them.

These three methods of acquiring the Cutter are the simplest ways to get one. If you are going out to mine or explore be sure you have a Cutter on hand to make your life easier. It sucks to be on a planet only to realize you don’t have one.

What Does the Cutter Do in Starfield

The Cutter has a variety of uses in Starfield. These uses are: mining resources, opening Emergency Cuttable Walls, and killing enemies. The most important use of this weapon has to be its material mining function. Without the Cutter you are fairly limited in gathering resources on planets until you get another one.

How to Use the Cutter in Starfield

Image showing the Cutter being shot while in Scanner mode in Starfield.
Shooting the Cutter while in Scan mode.

You can equip the Cutter like you would any other type of weapon. Simply navigate to your inventory and select it from the Weapons list. For quick access you can even Favorite it to add it to the quick swap menu. This means you can easily change to it on the fly.

If that approach doesn’t work for you, or you want to save a favorite spot, the alternative is to use the Scan feature. When you trigger the Scan function the Cutter automatically equips, allowing you to mine/harvest whatever you are looking at. This is the easier of the two methods as it requires simply Scanning to equip it.

Once you have the Cutter equip simply aim and shoot it. When you shoot it a laser comes out of it. This laser is not infinite. There is a charge meter in the bottom right corner of the screen that tells you what amount you have left. It will gradually recharge when not being fired.

There is a unique Cutter players can acquire called Heller’s Cutter. This weapon is like a normal Cutter, but it features a unique skin and the Disassembler bonus. See our Heller’s Cutter guide for details on how to get it.

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