Royale High Halloween Update 2023 Patch Notes

Royale High Halloween update in-game patch notes.

The spooky season is upon us in Royale High and this means the beginning of Royalloween. On October 16th, the developers released a major update to the experience that added a variety of Halloween themed items and activities. To learn more about everything in this patch see the complete Royale High Halloween update 2023 patch notes below.

Royale High October Update Patch Notes & Content Details

The new update features a bunch of content for players to enjoy over the Halloween season. One of the major new additions is the arrival of the Dark Fairy Halo event to complete. This super special event allows you to choose certain responses presented in community made Nightmare Stories, which give you various in-game rewards.

Additionally there is also a ton of new Halloween content to enjoy. This content includes new Halloween themed shop items, new locations to visit, new rewards, and even a Candy currency to collect.

To learn exactly what’s in the Royale High Royalloween update here are the official patch notes provided in-game:

– ROYALLOWEEN IS HERE!!! (Sorry for the delay, I got super duper sick, so we will be extending this event until November 15th! but without further ado.. let’s celebrate!)

– Wickery Cliffs & Blackwood Manor is back!

– The castle has been transformed into a dark castle! Keep your eyes out for special candy bowls around campus!

– New Royalloween Dorm Furniture, including a Royalloween Candy Bowl to give candy out to trick-or-treaters!

– New Furniture: (earnable with candy currency).

– Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern with 16 toggles; with various shapes and carvings.

– Spooky Tombstone Grave: shake for a suprise! Includes a brand new feature to be able to write custom text on furniture items!

– Changing Seasons Tree; A recolorable tree that comes with 7 toggles; including different leaf shapes, trunk shapes, and with or without a pot!

– Darkest Dreams Vampire Coffin Bed / Closet / Locker: comes with 22 toggles, most notably the ability to sleep in the coffin or prop it upright with shelves and hanger rods to use as a locker or a closet!

– Fuzzy Monster Candy Bag 2023: an exclusive candy bag that will only be for sale during 2023! Both an accessory and dorm furniture, and comes with amazing toggles, including turning into a fuzzy candy monster!

– Too Cool for Skull Should Bag: a fashionable so skull bag!

– Goth Lolita Purse is now placeable in your dorm.

– New Sparkly Star Level Reward: Furniture Resizer! You can now customize the size of any piece of furniture! Requires level 475.

– You can now write on sticky notes and poster paper in your dorm! This new feature includes being able to choose unique font and text color, and of course your text saves!

– Upon entering Main Campus, those who purchased all the GoT items will receive a badge and an exclusive item! (if you purchased all items multiple times, you will receive multiple of the exclusive item).

– 7 New Hairstyles.

– Those who have the Sticker Pass have been given 100 more of “Sticker Pack!” furniture item for funsies! (The gives is in Main Campus so you have to visit there to get your 100 sticker packs.

– New Locker Doors: Halloween Teen series! These include an all new feature, a Candy Bank, a real Candy Currency dispenser that overtime collects candy while you are playing Royale High! Get a candy reward when you stop at your locker between classes!

– 2 New Sticker Packs by ixchoco: Tricks and Treats!

– Magical Witch now has 4 colors, has 4 toggles, including versions with no veil and the way that Poppy wears it.

– 2 New Quests for Trick or Treating with the candy bowls.

– New Loading Indicators when teleporting between realms including faster load time! (Load time cut down estimated between 2 and 5 seconds).

– Quest Fix: you should no longer get the same quest twice in a row.

– Quick Study Sesh: time reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute to complete the quest.

– Treasure Chest opening animation reduced!

– Rainy Day Classroom will now no longer force on your music!

– Halo Stats Tracker: from this halo and on, there will be a +1tick added in your “won halo” stats in your diary every time you win a halo, even from winning duplicates! (it used to not work with duplicates since we were counting how many halo badges you had in order to get this stats number, and since you could only ever win a badge once, we wouldn’t know how many times you won a certain halo).

– New Halo and Fountain Stories, hair colors, makeup, fabrics, and clothing.


It’s important to note one aspect from the patch notes. Due to the developer’s sickness, the Royalloween event has been extended to November 15th. This gives you additional time to complete the various event additions such as Halo Fountain stories and limited time quests.

Thoughts on the Royale High update on October 2023? Drop them in the comments below.



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