How to Romance Shane in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 this week and players everywhere will have the chance to farm, mine, fight and most importantly get married. Like the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley has a large pool of marriage candidates for all your loving needs. Recently game developer ConcernedApe, released update 1.1, giving even more marriage options in the form of both Emily and Shane. With these new options has come more Heart Events to uncover. Below is a guide on how to romance Shane in Stardew Valley.

Who is Shane?

romance Shane

Romancing Shane is now possible in Stardew Valley Update 1.1

Shane works at the JojaMart in in Pelican Town and is basically a super rude and unhappy person. It is evident that Shane struggles with living a rather ordinary life, so much so that he spends the majority of his time off drinking at the Stardrop Saloon. As player’s romance Shane, his disposition towards them will change, revealing a individual with serious struggles.

Where can Shane Be Found?

Shane is typically found working at Jojamart during the day. However Shane can also be found in the Stardrop Saloon drinking, as well as Marnie’s Ranch where he lives, during weekends and evenings. These places are the best areas to give Shane gifts and build your friendship with him.

What to Give Shane?

romance Shane

Shane does not like the gift I gave him

Like all romance options in Stardew Valley, Shane can be won over by giving him stuff. Shane absolutely loves being given Pizza, Pepper Poppers, Beer and Hot Peppers. All of Shane’s loves are pretty easy to acquire and can be given to Shane at maximum twice per week. Keep in mind that on Shane’s birthday (20th of Spring) gifts given have 8x the effect, so use this to your advantage.

Shane Heart Events

Shane has a total of 8 heart events over the course of raising his love meter. Each event tells a snippet of Shane’s story. Here is a full breakdown of all of Shane’s Heart events in the video below.

To see these Heart Events do the following:

2 Hearts Event: Enter Cindersnap forest between 8 pm and midnight.

3 Hearts Event: You start to receive mail from Shane

4 Hearts Event: Enter Marnie’s Ranch while Shane is home

6 Hearts Event: Enter Cindersnap forest between 9 am and 8 pm while it is storming or raining

7 Hearts Event (Pt. 1): Enter Marnie’s Ranch while Shane is home.

7 Hearts Event (Pt. 2): On a sunny day, enter the town between 10 am and 4 pm. Triggering this event requires having 2 hearts with both Clint and Emily.

8 Hearts Event: Enter Marnie’s Ranch while Shane is home.

10 Hearts Event: Exit your house between 6 am – 6:30 am

Once you have reached 10 hearts with Shane, you can decide if you want to marry Shane or keep him comfortably in the friendzone. If you do decide to marry, simply buy the Mermaid’s Pendant  from the Old Mariner on the beach for 5000 gold. The Old Mariner only appears on rainy days and never appears in Winter. Take the pendant to Shane and propose.

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What did you think of this romance Shane guide? What is your approach? Let me know in the Pit below.


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  1. Jesse says:

    So I proposed to Shane and he replied that he would make the arrangements for the wedding and it would be in a few days, but 5 days have passed and nothing has happened. Did I do something incorrectly? I noticed I am missing a heart event because I don’t have 2 hearts for Clint an Emily. Is that holding it up? Anyone have the answer?

  2. momo8688 says:

    You answered everything I could have asked for Shane. This is the best snippit of info I found so far thanks a bunches!!!

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