Resident Evil 4 Remake Power Puzzles

A screenshot of Leon from the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake power generator puzzles are some of the hardest puzzles to solve in the game. These puzzles are located in Chapters 13 and 14 and require properly moving symbols to create a circuit. To help you solve the puzzles use our Power Calibration puzzles solutions guide below.

Dissection Room Electronic Lock Terminal Puzzle Solution

The first of the Power Puzzles you will encounter during Chapter 13 when you need to gain access to the Dissection Room. This puzzle is the simplest of the bunch and serves as basically an introduction to the puzzle itself. To solve this puzzle you need to rotate the pieces so that both power sources reach the power icon in the center. The solution is shown above.

Once you’ve completed the circuit you will gain access to the Dissection Room. Inside this room you need to grab the Level 1 Keycard to advance the main storyline.

Freezer Electronic Lock Terminal Puzzle Solution

After the first Dissection Room in Chapter 13 you need to go to the Freezer (after flipping the Power Control Lever). In the Freezer there is an optional Power console you can complete to access a Treasure and the hidden LE 5 weapon. Like the last puzzle you need to complete the circuit to open the door. The solution is shown in the screenshot above.

Waste Disposal Lock Terminal Puzzle Solution

The next time you encounter this puzzle is during Chapter 14. There is a sequence in the Waste Disposal area where you reroute the power and then run over to a Lock Terminal Puzzle. To solve this power puzzle use the above image for reference.

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