Remnant 2 Thaen Fruit

Remnant 2 Thaen Fruit.

The Remnant 2 Thaen Fruit is a consumable item players can get in the game. When this consumable item is used, players are revived upon death with some health remaining and immunity to Status Effects for 30 seconds. If you want to get this consumable item for yourself, this guide will help. Below I walk you through how to get the Remnant 2 Thaen Fruit.

Get the Ornate Lockbox and Ornate Key

To find the Ornate Lockbox make your way to the The Widow’s Court area of Yaesha. In this area head to the middle of the level where there is the large hole that has the waterfall. Go down to the bottom of this hole.

Follow the path heading towards the exit and you will find a room with a treasure chest. Opposite the treasure chest is an illusory wall you can go through. Go through this wall to reach the an elevator that takes you to the Empress Bed Chamber. In this room you will find the Ornate Lockbox.

Where to Find the Ornate Key in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Ornate Key location.
The Ornate Key is on a dead soldier. This is one of the locations.

You can’t do anything with the Ornate Lockbox unless you have the Ornate Key. The Ornate Key is located in the courtyard area where the large hole you dropped down is. The key is on the body of a corpse. Next to the key is a note telling players about the existence of the Ornate Lockbox.

Open the Ornate Lockbox and Get the Thaen Seed

Remnant 2 Thaen Seed
The Thaen Seed is in the Ornate Lockbox.

Once you have the Ornate Lockbox and Ornate Key you need to use both items. Inspect the Ornate Lockbox and open it using the Ornate Key. When you do this you will receive the item we need called the Thaen Seed. While there are a few uses for this Quest Item, we will be keeping it for our own purpose.

Plant the Thaen Seed to Get Thaen Fruit

Take the Thaen Seed and head back to Ward-13. Head to the Garden area (big square in lower southwest corner). In this area you will notice there is an empty patch. Approach the patch and you will be prompted to interact with it. Choose the Thaen Seed to plant it.

Once you’ve planted the Thaen Seed you need to wait 2 real-life days for the tree to grow. After the real-life time has passed you will find a full-grown Thaen Tree in the patch, which is very useful for players.

Thaen Fruit Types

The Thaen Fruit Tree grows Thaen Fruit you can pick. Leaving the fruit on the tree for longer real-world time yields a better version of the Thaen Fruit consumable. There are three possible consumables you can get:

  • Mature Thaen Fruit (1 Day): Revive with 30% health. Immune to status effects for 30 seconds.
  • Elder Thaen Fruit (2 Days): Revive with 40% health. Immune to status effects for 30 seconds.
  • Celestial Thaen Fruit (3 Days): Revive with 50% health. Immune to status effects for 30 seconds.

Each time you pick a Thaen Fruit from off the tree, the timer resets. This means you will have to wait or advance your console forward to get this consumable to re-grow.

There is a Relic players can get from the Thaen Fruit Tree. This Relic is called the Ripened Heart. The Ripened Heart heals 35 Health over 0.5s and an additional 70 over 5s.

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