Remnant 2 Bloodmoon Altar

Remnant 2 Bloodmoon Altar inventory.

The Remnant 2 Bloodmoon Altar is a crafting table players can use in the Yaesha world. This crafting table allows players to make a wide variety of items including a Class crafting material, an armor set, a weapon, an Amulet and Ring, and a special consumable. To learn everything you need to know about this merchant see our Bloodmoon Altar guide below.

Where is the Bloodmoon Altar in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Bloodmoon Altar location.
The Bloodmoon Altar appears on your map.

The Bloodmoon Altar appears on Yaesha if the world is experiencing a Blood Moon. This crafting table appears on your map as a large blue stone icon. There are a number of locations it can appear including in The Far Woods near the shortcut door. To use the table simple approach and interact with it.

What Items are At the Bloodmoon Altar in Remnant 2

The Bloodmoon Altar allows players to craft items using various materials including the Blood Moon Essence. This item drops off Root Wisps that appear in Jungle dungeons that are experiencing a Blood Moon. The available items you can purchase/crafted from the Bloodmoon Altar are as follows:

Faded GrimoireClass Material15x Blood Moon Essence
5x Lumenite Crystal
1500x Scrap
Knotted HelmHelmet5x Blood Moon Essence
300x Scrap
Knotted CageBody Armor10x Blood Moon Essence
800x Scrap
Knotted GraeavesLeg Armor7x Blood Moon Essence
600x Scrap
Knotted GlovesGloves3x Blood Moon Essence
250x Scrap
Soul AnchorAmulet10x Blood Moon Essence
3x Lumenite Crystal
1000x Scrap
Soul GuardRing5x Blood Moon Essence
2x Lumenite Crystal
750x Scrap
Blade of GulMelee Weapon10x Blood Moon Essence
1250x Scrap
Sanguine VaporConsumable1x Blood Moon Essence
500x Scrap

Because of the limited amount of Blood Moon Essence you can get in a single run, it takes multiple runs to buy everything listed above. The item you want to purchase first is the Faded Grimoire as that unlocks the Summoner Archetype.

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