Pyrokinesis Achievement Guide – Destroy All Humans (2020)

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In the Destroy All Humans (2020) remake there are a total of 40 achievements players can unlock as they play-through the game. These achievements range from simple story unlocks to more complicated location based tasks. To help you complete one of the more complicated achievements use our Pyrokinesis achievement guide below.

Where to Light Something on Fire in Destroy All Humans

Image showing where to light something on fire in Destroy All Humans (2020).

To complete this achievement you need to head to the Turnipseed Farm level in free roam. In this level look for bails of hay set throughout that you can set on fire. The location of the hay shown above is just to the left of the level spawn area inside a fenced in cow pasture. Once you find some hay use your Disintegrator Ray to light the hay bale on fire. While the bale is on fire you need to pick it up using your PK ability. Throw the flaming bale of hay at a human to have this achievement pop.

The achievement listed above is just one of 40 you will need to complete as you playthrough the game. If you need more help getting all of the other achievements check out complete guide here. You can also unlock various items such as new skins for Crypto-137.

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