Project Playtime Valentine’s Day Patch Notes

The popular multi-player title Project Playtime that is based of Poppy Playtime received a fairly substantial patch today. This substantial patch is for Valentine’s Day but features a slew of new additions, changes to the game, bug fixes, and more. The full Project Playtime Valentine’s Day patch notes are located below.

The Valentines’ Day Patch!

The Valentine’s Day patch released on Steam on February 13th. The patch is 2.5 GB in size and features three core focuses: added new cosmetics, changed the theme of the main menu UI and music, and a squashed a bunch of bugs and exploits. The full Valentine’s Day Patch Notes are located below. They come courtesy of Mob Entertainment on the game’s official Discord.


6 New Cosmetics

  • Chocolate Boxy
  • Chocolate Hand
  • Chocolate Player Skin
  • Kisses Player Skin
  • Heart Glasses
  • Halo Hat

Improvements to existing cosmetics:

  • New UI for customizing color on select cosmetics
  • 36 color options for Original Hands, Default Player Skin, Kisses Player Skin, Graffiti Hand, Spiky Hand, and Voxel Hand
  • Improved default player skin
  • Improved Huggy’s mouth model
  • Replaced Skeleton Outfit with Skeleton Skin (all players who previously owned the Skeleton Outfit should now have the Skeleton Skin instead)
  • Improved cosmetic icons
  • Improved materials on Robot Huggy and Robot Mommy


Host Migration

  • When a host leaves, the state of the game is saved. The new host’s game will load that state, and you will be put right back where you were, as if the host never left!
  • Tickets, toy parts, train location, and more are saved
  • There are more updates to this system on their way.

Monster Selection

  • You can now opt out of being monster.
  • Players who have opted in to being monster have a little blue hand by their name in the lobby
  • More fair selection of who is monster

Audio Improvements

  • Improved spatial audio for monster footsteps
  • Improved ambient music

Fixes, Adjustments, and Bug Squashing

  • Brightened Factory Map
  • Fixed exploit where people could be pulled out of the feeding pit prematurely
  • Fixed UI scaling on lower resolutions
  • Updated localization files
  • Fixed text boxes in settings menu not properly updating settings
  • Fixed emote menu clickable area
  • Fixed silent mommy exploit
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Fixed overlapping music
  • Removed battle pass countdown timer

The Special Event being held for Valentine’s Day runs from February 13-27. While the event is active, players can purchase the Special Event items from the Store. They are located under the Special Events tab.

What do you think of the Project Playtime Valentine’s Day Patch Notes? Anything that stands out to you in them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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