Pokemon Legends Arceus The Timbre of the Fields Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Timbre of the Fields is Request 11 in the game. This Request comes from Yeo. Yeo wants you to show her the completed Kricketot Pokedex. Agree to this Request to begin it. To help make it easier use our Pokemon Legends Arceus The Timbre of the Fields guide below.

Request 11 Notes

  • Requested By: Yeo (Fieldlands Camp).
  • Description: “Music lover Yeo is captivated by the sound she hears coming from the Kricketot in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Fill in Kricketot’s Pokedex page and show it to her.”
  • Target: Kricketot (Obsidian Fieldlands).
  • Rewards: Vivichoke x3.

Where to Start The Timbre of the Fields (Request 11)

Image showing Yeo in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

You can start Request 13 after you’ve reached First Star Member Rank. This occurs during Main Story Mission 5: A Request From Mai. When you go to the Obsidian Fieldlands during this quest you will encounter Yeo in the Fieldlands Camp. Speak to her to start Request 13. You need to fill in the Kricketot Pokedex.

Fill in Kricketot Pokedex and Show Yeo

Image showing the Kricketot Pokemon.
Kricketot along the Deertrack Path.

To fill in the Kricketot Pokedex you need to find this Pokemon on the map. The easiest place to find them is along Deetrack Path and the river flowing under the bridge you gain access to for being First Star Member Rank. To level up their Pokedex entry you can do any of the following:

  • Catch.
  • Catch without being spotted.
  • Defeat.
  • Give food.
  • Catch different forms.
  • Evolve.

Making out the Pokedex entry means reaching Research Level 10. This means doing a combination of the above actions, then speaking to the Professor at any of the map’s camps.

Once you’ve maxed out the Kricketot Pokedex entry head back to Yeo. Show her the entry to complete Request 13. For doing this Request you earn 3 Vivichoke.

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