Pokemon Legends Arceus The Perfect Pickle Recipe Guide

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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Perfect Pickle Recipe is Request 80 in the game. This Request is part of the Request line for Radisa, who is obsessed with pickling. She asks you to gather ingredients for her to use in her ultimate pickling recipe. To complete this Request use Hold To Reset Pokemon Legends Arceus The Perfect Pickle Recipe guide below.

Request 80 Notes

  • Requested By: Radisa (Jubilife Village).
  • Description: “Radisa from the village believes she’s come up with the perfect pickle recipe and has asked you to gather ingredients before she’ll teach it to you.”
  • Target: Crunchy Salt; Plump Beans; King’s Leaf.
  • Rewards: Twice-Spiced Radish.

Where to Start The Perfect Pickle Recipe (Request 80)

This Request is follows the progression of Radisa’s Request line. You help here get a Geodude for her pot then give her information on Octillery’s Ink. Following both of these Requests she will make Request 80. This Request is to gather material for her to use to make the perfect pickle recipe.

Where to Get Plump Beans, Crunchy Salt, and King’s Leaf

Crunchy Salt for sale at the craftworks.
Craftworks selling Crunchy Salt.

To make the perfect pickle recipe, Radisa asks you to bring her three ingredients. These three ingredients are: Plump Beans, Crunchy Salt, and King’s Leaf. Sources for these materials are as follows:

Plump Beans

Crunchy Salt

King’s Leaf

The simplest method is to buy the materials needed if you are far enough into the main story. If not click the links above to go to videos showing you the locations of each material in their respective maps.

Once you’ve gathered the materials needed above head back to Radisa. Give Radisa the materials to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Geodude will evolve. Radisa will make the recipe and the Request will end. You receive the Two-Spiced Radish recipe for completing it.

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