Pokemon Legends Arceus Strange Happenings at Midnight Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Strange Happenings at Midnight is Request 16. This Request is given to you by a villager named Sanqua who is having trouble sleeping at night. To help her get a more peaceful sleep she asks for your help determining what is happening at night. To complete this Request use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Strange Happenings at Midnight guide below.

Request 16 Notes

  • Requested By: Sanqua (Canala Avenue).
  • Description: “Sanqua, the captain of the Construction Corps, says that strange things are happening in her house at night. She wants you to find out what is going on.”
  • Target: Investigate Sanqua’s quarters.
  • Rewards: Nanab Berry x7.

Where to Start Strange Happenings at Midnight (Request 16)

Image showing Request 16 giver Sanqua.

During the night head to Canala Avenue. Outside the southwest house you will find Sanqua standing outside. Speak to her and she will tell you about having trouble sleeping at night, because something is inside the room. She Requests that you look in the room for her to find out what it is.

Investigate Sanqua’s Quarters for Intruder Pichu

When you enter walk over to the table directly across the room from you. Investigate the noise from the container on the table. Go back to the entry and investigate then draw back the covers on the chest. Finally head over to the dressing cover in the back left corner of the room to find Pichu hiding.

Upon discovering Pichu Sanqua will come into the room. Pichu will run over to her. Turns out it was an injured Pokemon she rescued and rehabilitated from an injury. The Request is then complete and you receive your reward.

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