Pokemon Legends Arceus A Perfect Pickling Stone Guide

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Pokemon Legends Arceus A Perfect Pickling Stone is Request 12 in-game. This Request comes from Radisa in the HQ. Radisa needs help acquiring a pickling stone that is just the right weight. To get a stone of this fashion she ask for the trainer to catch a Geodude. To help you complete this quest use HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus A Perfect Pickling Stone guide below.

Request 12 Notes

  • Requested By: Radisa (HQ).
  • Description: “A villager named Radisa is hoping a Geodude would be just the right weight to use as a pickling stone. Catch one for her to test out her theory.”
  • Target: Geodude (Obsidian Fieldlands).
  • Rewards: Honey Cake x3; Exp. Candy S.

Where to Start A Perfect Pickling Stone (Request 12)

You can start this Request for Radisa by speaking to her in the Team Galaxy HQ in Jubilife Village. She is on the second floor. Approach her and speak to her to learn about the pickling stone. After this interaction you will begin Request 12.

Catch Geodude and Give to Radisa

Image showing Geodude.
Geodude along the Deetrack Path.

You can catch Geodude by going to the Obsidian Fieldlands’ Deertrack Heights. The quickest way to encounter one is go to the Heights Camp then walk north along the Deertrack Path. Follow the path until you encounter a Geodude. Capture the Geodude then head back to Radisa (she’s in her house now). Give her the Pokemon to end the Request. For you efforts in completing this quest you receive two rewards: Honey Cake x3 and a Experience Candy Small.

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