Pokemon Go Litten Spotlight Hour

Pokemon Litten.

On March 21, 2023 the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour will take place. This weekly event highlights a specific Pokemon for players to catch. On the 21st the Pokemon being highlighted is Litten. Litten is one of the three First partner Pokémon of the Alola region. For details on this event see our complete Pokemon Go Litten Spotlight Hour guide below.

Litten Spotlight Hour Event Details

Spotlight Events are special weekly events held in Pokemon Go. During these events a target Pokemon becomes more widely encountered while players are out exploring in the wild. On Tuesday, March 21st, the Litten Spotlight Hour will occur. Here’s all of the details you need to know about the upcoming Litten event:

Date:March 21
Time: 6pm – 7pm Local Time
Event Bonus:2x Stardust from Catching Pokémon

While the event is live players will encounter Litten more often in the wild. This makes it the prime target for catching as many. During the event you will want to catch as many Litten as possible to allow you to evolve it into Torracat and then Inceineroar if you don’t already have these Pokemon.

Can Litten be Shiny during the Spotlight Hour

Another good use for Spotlight Hour can be shiny hunting the event Pokemon. Unfortunately, for this event, that approach is not applicable as Litten currently cannot be shiny in Pokemon Go. This means spending the hour solely for shiny hunting is not a good usage of your time since the shiny version of this Pokemon is not yet in the game. Maybe someday Niantic will add the shiny kitty. One can only hope…

Tips to Prepare for the Spotlight Hour

Before signing off I just wanted to give you some prep tips leading into the Spotlight Hour tomorrow. As always you can do a little bit of work before the event to ensure you are ready to go. The major thing to focus on is ensuring you have enough Poke Balls available to last you the full hour. You can purchase more Poke Balls or simply focus on completing tasks in-game to earn more.

Additionally you may also want to go to more high spawn areas to ensure you are getting the most Litten you can find during the hour. You can also improve the spawn rate by placing Lure Modules and using Incense to ensure the most Littens appear during the hour.

Thoughts on our Pokemon Go Litten Spotlight Hour guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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