Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours (April 2023)

In Pokemon Go each month there is a special weekly event player can participate in called Spotlight Hours. This weekly event occurs each Tuesday of the month between 6-7 pm local time. While the Spotlight Hour is active players encounter more of a certain Pokemon, allowing them to catch a large number of them. To learn more about the available Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours, see our guide below.

What are the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours this Month

Pokemon Go April 2023 Spotlight Hours.
The April 2023 Spotlight Hours for Pokemon Go. Via Niantic.

Each month Pokemon Go release a monthly infographic schedule on their Twitter account. This schedule reveals what players can expect coming in the month ahead across a wide range of things like Raids and the Spotlight Hours. Currently we are on the month of April and the available Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours have been revealed. There are four events to take part in this month:

Exeggcute2x Candy for catching PokémonYesApril 4
Shelder2x Candy for transferring PokémonYesApril 11
Trapinch2x XP for evolving PokémonYesApril 18
Tangela2x Stardust for catching PokémonYesApril 25

When the Spotlight Hour is active players have the chance to encounter more spawns of the special Pokemon that is active for that spotlight. Alongside encountering more of a specific Pokemon there are additional rewards to be earned in that hour. Trainers can use this time to catch Shiny versions of the Pokemon if they are available.

The Spotlight Hour can be a very beneficial hour to play Pokemon Go during. Trainers can use this time to stock up on resources they may be low on. Additionally trainers can use things like Incense and Lures to really pump up the amount of Pokemon they encounter during the hour event.

This is not the only monthly event that occurs in Pokemon Go. Check out our other guides: Raid & Mega Raid schedules for details on those events. Also check out our guide to the currently active Ditto disguises.

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