News of Elder Scrolls 6 “Years Away” Says Bethesda Senior VP

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Back in 2018 Bethesda revealed they were working on Elder Scrolls 6. This reveal was nothing more than a brief title reveal trailer. While the trailer is not much to go on, the reveal led the internet to speculate when the newest Elder Scrolls addition would be released. We now have a better idea of how far along the title is thanks to a twitter conversation with Bethesda’s senior vice president Pete Hines.

On Twitter Pete Hines responded to a question from a user regarding information on Elder Scrolls 6. Pete responded with the above reply stating that ESO 6 will arrive after their upcoming sci-fi title Starfield (of which we know almost nothing). He followed this statement up by stating that details of the newest Elder Scrolls will be coming years from now.

With Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 seemingly a few years away, Bethesda will be spending this year highlighting Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. In what form information on these two titles will appear remains to be seen as Bethesda has said they will not be holding an E3 replacement event this year.

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