NBA 2K24 How to Change Jump Shot

Image showing the Jump Shot Creator in NBA 2K24.

One of the most important aspects of NBA 2K24 is making a your jump shot feel buttery smooth. Thankfully, players can get into the lab in this year’s game and try out a variety of different animations to find the perfect one. To learn more about how this system works, see our NBA 2K24 how to change jump shot guide below.

How to Change Your Jump Shot Animation in NBA 2K24

Image showing the Jump Shot animation screen in NBA 2K24.
You can equip different jump shot animations from this screen.

Tweaking your jump shot in NBA 2K24 works very similar to how it was in last year’s version. Players wanting to tweak or completely change their MyPLAYER’s jump shot animation should follow these simply steps in-game.

  1. Login to MyCAREER.
  2. Navigate to the MyPLAYER menu.
  3. Select Animations.
  4. Select Jump Shot from the Scoring Moves list.

Once you’ve selected jump shot from this list you will go to the jump shot animation screen. On this screen you can see what jump shots you have available to equip. At the start of the game you only have a few listed. To purchase more jump shot animations visit the Animation Store. In the Animation Store you will find a selection of jump shots you can purchase.

How to Create Your Own Jump Shot Animation in NBA 2K24

If using a pre-made jump shot animation doesn’t interest you, there is a Jump Shot Creator you can use. When you are on the Jump Shot screen tab to the right to reach the Jump Shot Creator. Like the previous builders you are able to combined elements of different players jump shots to make your own shot more deadly and unique. The elements you can mix are:

  • Lower/Base.
  • Upper Release 1.
  • Upper Release 2.
  • Blending & Release Speed.

Before you dive into the builder you should know that there are requirements to use it. Many of the different animations have certain height and level requirements to unlock them. This means you need to level up your MyPLAYER a fair amount before you can really use this system to its fullest.

Some of the best jump shots come out of the Jump Shot Creator. If you have found any really good combinations, be sure to share them in the comments below to help your fellow ballers.



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