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In NBA 2K21 there is 2KTV you can watch from the start screen. The first episode of this live action tv show features NBA player Damian Lillard. Dame Time will ask you some questions you can answer to earn some extra VC. To answer the episode questions correctly use our NBA 2K21 2KTV Episode 1 answers list below.

Damian Lillard 2KTV Answers

To access NBA 2K TV you want to start up the game. On the game’s main screen you will see an option for 2K TV. Select this option then start the first episode that has Dame Lillard on it. This episode is roughly 20 minutes long and in it you are asked a total of 16 questions. These questions reward you with 100-200 VC when answered correctly. The 2K TV Episode 1 answers are:

  1. Pick any.
  2. Any.
  3. Any.
  4. 10.
  5. Any.
  6. 6th.
  7. Professional Sales.
  8. 2000.
  9. The Letter “O”.
  10. 2014.
  11. Any.
  12. 36.
  13. Any.
  14. Any.
  15. 2015.
  16. Any.

To answer the questions be sure to hit the correct button prompt. This ensures you lock in the answer. Try to be as quick as possible as some of the questions are only on the screen for a few seconds.

If you follow the list above you will end the first episode of 2K TV with a total of 2,200 VC. This is fairly simple and easy to do so you should finish this episode if you are looking to get some easy credits for your player.

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