My First Voodoo Charm Guide S.47: Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise

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Side quests in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise are a good way to gain additional items and lore moments from the game. Many of these side quests are optional to complete, but can be worth your while to find. One side quest you will find on the during the main story is My First Voodoo Charm (S.47). To complete this side quest use our My First Voodoo Charm guide below.

How to Complete My First Voodoo Charm in Deadly Premonition 2

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To start the My First Voodoo Charm side quest you need to advance the story in Episode 1 2005 until you are prompted to meet The Mirror at Erzulie Freda shop. When you meet The Mirror this side quest will pop. To complete the My First Voodoo Charm you need to use The Mirror to craft a charm. This can be done by speaking to him and selecting Charms (X) > Create (A) when the option is presented.

To make a charm you will need to collect Necessary Materials. These Necessary Materials are littered throughout the world and can be found as drops off enemies you kill, containers you open, and sparkly bits on the ground. An easy way to get a bunch of materials is to simply use Vision in the open world so you highlight the loot that’s around you.

If you interact with The Mirror and don’t have the Necessary Materials to craft a charm right at that moment, don’t worry. Over the course of the game you will acquire materials fairly organically, which makes knocking this side quest off your to-do-list fairly easily.

When you do manage to scrounge together enough of the necessary materials use them to get a charm. Once you’ve created your first charm this side quest will be completed. For completing this side quest you will unlock Altars. When you interact with an Altar in the world you can use it to give apply Gun Boost, Skateboard Boost, Body Boost, and Mini-Game Boost.

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