How to Gain the Captain’s Full Trust in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

In the second DLC for Metro Exodus players meet an NPC named the Captain. This NPC spends a good chunk of the story as your main contact and has an interesting trust Trophy/Achievement you can unlock with him by making certain decisions. To help you unlock the A Man of Principle Trophy/Achievement for yourself use our how to gain the Captain’s full trust guide below.

Warning: Ending Spoilers below.

Lower your Gun When you First Meet Captain

Image showing where to lower your gun when you meet the Captain.

The first interaction you have with Captain is on top of a roof in the start of the DLC. When prompted to lower your weapon during this interaction. This is the first part of gaining the Captain’s full trust.

Give the Captain Food Before Pulling Knee

Image showing giving food to the Captain in Sam's Story.

Once you head to the Captain’s base you will watch a cutscene that involves drinking, generators, and pulling legs. Before getting to the drinking and generator part of the cutscene the Captain will ask you to pull his knee. Give him some food when prompted to do so.

Set all 5 Traps for the Captain

Featured image on How to Get the Trapper Trophy for Metro Exodus Sam's Story

After you spend a night of drinking with the Captain you will be asked by him to set 5 traps as you leave the building. Doing this earns you the Trapper trophy achievement (read about completing it here).

Find the Captain’s Lost Crew

Image showing where to find the Captain's Lost Crew in Metro Exodus Sam's Story.

Note: reaching the building on the map above is a bit strange. You need to land on the muddy area to the northwest then follow the mud paths to reach it. There is a nice machine gun with a drum mag on top of a silo along the correct path.

During dialogue with the Captain you will learn he has lost crew mates in the open world area. This dialogue serves as a clue and is helpful in earning more trust. To find the lost crew make your way to the location marked on the map above. At this location you will need to climb a tower. At the top of the tower you will find the Captain’s XO. Once you’ve made this discovery you will radio Captain about his crew.

Blow Up the Submarine for Captain

Image showing how to get A Man of Principle Trophy/Achievement in Sam's Story.

The final decision you need to make is to blow up the submarine at the DLC’s finally. This is the final wish of the Captain. Select this option when you are prompted to when you are walking after the sub along the walkway.

Follow the above listed choices and you will unlock the A Man of Principle Trophy/Achievement for your efforts. If you are wanting to platinum this DLC content you will need to complete this trophy.

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