Luigi’s Mansion 3: 9F Unnatural Museum Guide

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In Luigi’s Mansion 3 the ninth floor of the Last Resort hotel is called Unnatural Museum. This floor becomes accessible after you catch the Polterkitty that steals the Elevator Key on floor eight. Once you have access to floor nine make your way to it. To help you get through this floor consult our 9F Unnatural Museum guide.

Note: You can view the locations of this floor’s gems here.

How to Reach Exhibit Hall

Image showing how to reach the Exhibit Hall.

Leave the starting elevator and walk down and to the either the left or right. Walk around the square to reach an entrance shrouded by two large curtains. Use Luigi and Gooigi to pull the curtains down. Walk forward down the hallway to reach the Exhibit Hall.

How to Defeat Ug

Image showing the T-Rex fight with Ug.

Walk forward towards the painting of Toad and use your Dark Light on it. Doing this triggers a cutscene with a T-Rex. After the cut scene you will face off against the T-Rex. Here’s what you need to do to defeat this boss.

  1. Two Eggs: When there are two eggs, shoot one at the T-Rex to have it catch it. Shoot the second egg into chest.
  2. One Egg: Spawn Gooigi and run Gooigi towards the T-Rex so it eats him. Shoot egg into chest.
  3. No Eggs: When the T-Rex is chasing you around the room use the bones that drop off the other skeletons to shoot at its chest.
  4. Ghost: After you’ve defeated the T-Rex the ghost, Ug, that was controlling it will appear. To defeat this ghost wait for it to do its ground pound that sends out shock waves and hit it with your flashlight. Then attack it like a normal ghost. Repeat process until defeated.

Once you’ve defeated Ug go up to the painting of Toad and shine your Dark Light on it. Toad will appear and give you the Elevator Button B2. Take Toad back to the elevator when ready.

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