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In the Ostara Festival there is a special side mission players can complete for Norvid. This side mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tasks players with place five different decorations around their settlement. To complete this mission consult our complete Let’s Get Festive guide below.

Note: Ubisoft has released a new update to let players complete this mission. Update 3.01 is available as of March 26th.

How to Start Let’s Get Festive

Image showing where to start the Let's Get Festive side mission.

o initiate this mission, head over to your settlement’s Ostara Festival and engage in a conversation with Norvid at his stall. When you speak to Norvid for the first time he will mention a lack of decorations around the settlement. This lack of decoration is no good as it is a time for celebration. To rectify this Norvid has an idea. Norvid will then ask you to help liven up the settlement by placing some of your own decorations. This will trigger the side mission.

Place 5 Settlement Decorations

Completing the Let’s Get Festive side mission is very simple. All you need to do here is run around to the different settlement decorations and either place a decoration or replace the current decoration. The decoration you place doesn’t matter. It can be anything. Each time you place/replace a decoration you receive +1 towards your quest progress. Do this on 5 different settlement decoration locations to complete the objective.

Once you are done placing or replacing your settlement decorations head back to Norvid. Speak to Norvid to receive your reward of 50 Festival Tokens. Receiving this reward ends the quest.

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29 responses

  1. Misha says:

    Sooooo any updates on the glitch…? Cuz I still got nothing…

  2. enricofairme says:

    It is legitimately impressive how buggy the seasonal events have been in AC Valhalla.

    • Me says:

      The whole game is buggy. Developers need to stop making games this large if they can’t finish them. I’d rather have a smaller complete game than a crappier larger one.

  3. Aquaman Galaxy says:

    The developers have purposely removed the totem poles (as they were crashing the game) and will replace the totem poles when they’ve resolved the issue
    So currently, the quest is incompletable


  4. Aquaman Galaxy says:

    Experiencing the same glitch
    No totems around Raventhorpe to complete the quest
    Saved and reloaded the game
    No success
    (Xbox One)

  5. Korey Wolfgang says:

    Yea I have none of the totems. I see the locations they should be at but can’t interact with them.

  6. Wolfstronghold says:

    this suck I hope they fix this before 18 days

  7. Jess says:

    Me too. Tried the save trick the dude on here said, still no luck

  8. Mathieu says:

    Even the one in the settlement thats freakin weird. Because of the guirlande and all the decorating stuff on the trees the totem are gones. Ubi we have the eggs and you guys have our money but wheres our totem. Easter egg bruh. Thats a shame

  9. Cory Sheldon says:

    Well I can only see the 3 lactation to put decorations but no option when near them to decorate.

  10. Danielle Doherty says:

    Glad its not just me… has any figured out how to fix it?

    • Mathieu says:

      I tried alot of saving loading but I don’t have a save from before ostara like a dude from below so cannot try this solution but even that. Its not normal its frustrating.

  11. Mathieu says:

    Non sense -_- same bug!! tried to quick save/load save and only see 3 of those 5 and the settlements ones are gone.

  12. Jay-El says:

    So it’s not just me. I was going crazy about the missing decoration totems.

    Also: when I claimed the free godly items (or whatever it’s called) with the Altaïr outfit, it COMPLETELY resetted my Modraniht Ceremonial Outfit that was fully upgraded to the max on everything. Thanks UBISOFT. Many days, lot of hours put down in gaming just wasted in 1 second. Nice “gift”.

  13. Jay says:

    Having same glitch saved game then went back in can see 3 totems but not other 2 and can no longer locate the symbols to locate are gone

  14. Cole says:

    I got the same problem 🙁 i hope its not permanent.

  15. Mondo says:

    Yeah me too…

  16. Dibidijik says:

    Settlement totems are not there. I can’t complete the “Let’s get festive” mission

  17. Josh Smith says:

    Does anyone know a fix for the missing totems?

    • RobotK says:

      I may have stumbled onto a workaround just now. I saved the game, then loaded a save from before Ostara. I only saw one totem there too. So I went back to my latest save, thinking at least there I had most of the eggs.
      Turns out I now have other visible totems aside from the one next to Aldwin’s hut. (Eg across the path from Braun).
      Hope this works for someone else too!

  18. Dawngrinder says:

    Yes. The totems aren’t there. It’s not possible to put down any decorations. Hope they get a fix on this before ostara festival ends..

  19. Betty says:

    Is anyone else encountering a glitch where the decorate settlement totems have disappeared and thus I cannot change the existing decorations or add new ones? or is it just me?

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