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During the October 13th reset of Red Dead Online Rockstar added a new sighting mission for a legendary moose. Called the Ruddy Moose this sighting mission takes players to Tall Trees. Here they will be able to hunt this legendary animal for either its coat or to get a sample. To help you complete this hunt use our Red Dead Online Legendary Ruddy Moose guide below.

Where to Start the Legendary Ruddy Moose Sighting Mission

Image showing Where to Start the Legendary Ruddy Moose Sighting Mission in Red Dead Online.

Important: Before starting this sighting mission be sure you have adequate tranquilizers or bullets to deal with this rather tough animal. Once you have a good amount of either you can feel confident starting it.

The new sighting mission for the Legendary Ruddy Moose can be started by speaking to Harriet in one of her spawn in locations:

  • Northwest of Lagras.
  • West of Wallace Station.
  • Northeast of Macfarlane’s Ranch.

At any of these locations speak to Harriet and select the missions option. When the missions list appears you will see a mission for the Legendary Ruddy Moose. Select this mission to be taken to the Tall Trees area where you will hunt this rare animal.

How to Complete the Legendary Ruddy Moose Sighting

Like other animal sightings you will have completed up to this point, the Legendary Ruddy Moose sighting mission follows a similar formula. Once you have spawned into the Tall Trees area you will be tasked with completing a few objectives before the moose will appear:

  1. Go to Tall Trees.
  2. Go to sighting area.
  3. Use eagle eye to search for signs of the Legendary Ruddy Moose (interact with yellow clues).
  4. Follow the Legendary Ruddy Moose trail.
  5. Use eagle eye to search the camp for signs of the Legendary Ruddy Moose.

Once you search the camp you will trigger a cut scene where the Ruddy will appear. After this cutscene concludes you will need to chase after the moose and fight some poachers. Take out both parties and skin or sample the legendary animal to complete the sighting mission.

Legendary Ruddy Moose Rewards

There are two tracks of rewards you can earn from the Legendary Ruddy Moose depending on your method of hunting the moose. If you opt to kill the moose and skin it you will be able to turn its materials into Gus for a garment set. This garment set is for the Ruddy Coat which requires 1x Legendary Ruddy Moose Pelt and $795.

If killing ain’t your thing you can opt to take-down the Legendary Ruddy Moose using the tranquilizer gun. This method rewards you with a sample at the end of the hunt instead of a skin. You can take the sample to Harriet to receive Naturalist XP and normal XP.

If you are attempting to complete the Animal Field Guide you will want to complete this mission at least twice with one being lethal and the other being non-lethal. This will allow you to collect all of the required entries for this Legendary Animal.

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