Hulbury Seafood Restaurant Delivery Locations in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

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In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield it is important to speak to as many NPCs as possible as this will uncover various little side missions to complete. One side mission can be started in the Captain’s Table restaurant in Hulbury. To learn how to complete this side mission uses our Hulbury Seafood Restaurant delivery order locations guide below.

Get Order Deliveries From Captain’s Table

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To start these delivery missions make your way to the Captain’s Table Seafood Restaurant in Hulbury (located to the right of the Poke Center). Inside the restaurant speak to the Man behind the bar on the right wall. He will mention he needs someone to make a delivery for him. Accept the delivery to receive takeout. Unfortunately for use the chef is bad at getting locations. Instead he will offer only minor clues as to where the delivery needs to be made. There are three total deliveries to be made over this quest. The locations are listed below.

Delivery 1: Clickety-Clack Sound Location

Image showing the first order delivery location.

The first order can be delivered to the woman living next to the train station at the top of the hill in Hulbury. This location can be accessed by leaving the restaraunt and heading towards the stadium. Instead of going to the stadium go left up the stairs and enter the grey house. Give the woman the order to get an Exp. Candy L (worth 10k exp). Return to the man in the restaurant to receive 5x Nuggets and pick up your next order.

Delivery 2: Pokemon Crying Swiiirl Location

Image showing the second order delivery location.

The next order can be delivered to the man in the fourth house next to the stairs leading up to the train station. Head inside and give the man his order. He won’t give you any kind of reward. Return to the restaurant and speak to the chef to get 2x Big Nuggets. Grab the next order.

Delivery 3: Green Roof Location

Image showing the third delivery location.

The last order order comes with the directions of looking for a green roof to make the delivery. Since there are no green roofed houses in the town make your way down to the vendor stall area below the restaurant. Here there is a Green Roofed vendor stall. Make the delivery and return to the manager to get Lucky Egg.

This concludes the delivery takeout deliveries quest line. As you can see making the deliveries nets you some pretty nice rewards. The Lucky Egg is particularly useful as it nets the Pokemon holding it more experience.

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