How to Unlock Spawn Points in NBA 2K22 Next-Gen

The City is a huge place for players to explore in NBA 2K22. The size of this social space is both impressive but also somewhat of a pain to navigate. One of the issues you will face is spawning. You will often spawn into the social area fairly randomly. This means you often need to travel to your destination once you login to the game. Thankfully there is an unlock to set spawn points. Read our how to unlock Spawn Points in NBA 2K22 next-gen guide for details.


Complete Unlock Spawn Location Quest

Image showing how to unlock Spawn Points in the City in NBA 2K22.

As you advance through your NBA career you will unlock a number of side quests that can be completed in The City. One of the side quests is named Unlock Spawn Location. This side quests is given to you by ATM. Visit this NPC when the side quest is available to learn how to unlock the Spawn Points.

Unlocking the Spawn Points is a fairly simple affair. All you need to do is run 26.2 Miles through The City. The important thing to note is run. You cannot use your skateboard, BMX, or rollerblades to complete this side quest. This means you will want to opt for travelling on foot whenever you are in The City.


How you want to complete this objective is largely up to you. Personally I just used a rubber-band on the controller to keep my character running while I did other things. This process works, but you must ensure you character doesn’t get hung up on anything as running in place doesn’t count.

How to Set Spawn Point

Image showing the Spawn Point unlock in NBA 2K22.

Once you put in the required mileage you automatically unlock the Spawn Points and 1k MVP Points. You can set the unlocked points to any of the following locations through the map. The locations you can set are:

  1. Pro Am.
  2. Shopping District.
  3. Gatorade Gym.
  4. Near Fashion Runway.
  5. Near Team Practice faculty.
  6. Apartment.
  7. Rec.

To set any of the spawn points listed above open your map and hover over the pentagon icon on the map. Push the select button to bring up a prompt to confirm selection. Agree to set that point as your new spawn location.

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  1. Law Rin says:

    How do you actually travel to your spawn spot, once selected? Please help.

    • Eli McLean says:

      You can’t fast travel to them unfortunately. You will just spawn in at that location next time you start up The City.

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