How to Get the Tardigrade Armor System Exotic in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

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The Division 2 received its first expansion in the recently released Warlords of New York. As the name of this expansion suggests this add-on takes players back to the stomping grounds of New York City. Alongside this new location there are a number of additions like new gear and more importantly new exotics. One exotic players can now get is a Chest piece called Tardigrade Armor System. Check out how to get the Tardigrade Armor System exotic Chest piece below.

How to Get the Tardigrade Armor System

From everything that has been reported up to this point the Tardigrade Armor System Chest is available as a drop from any True Son boss. This means you can complete various activities with True Son bosses you can defeat in hopes of getting this Chest to drop. With that said some good farming sources are missions in the Federal Triangle, East Mall, and Southwest areas of Washington D.C. These levels are all True Sons missions that have True Son bosses in them. According to data mined sources the chances of this Exotic chest dropping are 1% normal/hard 3%/challenging 5%/heroic 7%. So the higher the difficulty the more likely it is for this armor piece to drop. If you want to see this exotic chest in action check out the video above by Lust4Power.

Tardigrade Armor System Exotic Talent

Image showing the Tardigrade Armor System in The Division 2.

The Tardigrade Armor System is an experimental Chest Piece with emphasis on armor. Like any good exotic item this chest piece has a unique talent:

  • Ablative Nano-plating: Whenever you or any ally’s armor breaks, they gain 80% of you armor as bonus armor for 10s.

If you play with a team or have a build that is all about getting up close and personal while taking damage this chest piece may be of interest to you.

What do you think of this new exotic chest from The Division 2 Warlords of New York? Is it something you want to get? Let me know if you are farming for this bad boy in the comments below. Good luck agent.

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