How to get the Sakura Armor Set – Monster Hunter World

How to get the Sakura Armor Set guide

If you were wondering when the next Monster Hunter World x Street Fighter V collaboration set would be dropping, wait no longer. As of today, fans can now get the Sakura armor set by completing a challenge mission which runs until May 17th. To help you acquire the set, I’ve thrown together a quick how to get the Sakura armor set in Monster Hunter World guide below.

Accept the Empress in Full Bloom Challenges

The Arena Lass

Speak with the Arena Lass to start the Street Fighter V challenge.

To access the Sakura challenge, you need to make your way to the Gathering Hub and speak to the Arena Lass. Select Challenges from the category screen and scroll right until you reach the Empress in Full Bloom set of challenges. Since these are challenges, the weapons and armor sets you take into battle are different, but you can complete one over and over again, or playthrough all three challenges if you like.

About the Empress in Full Bloom Challenges

Street Fighter V arena challenge.

The challenge information screen.

Target: Pink Rathian

Conditions: 12 or higher.

Failure Conditions: Time expires, Faint 9 times.

Challenge Text: They say there’s a monster as pink as the cherry blossoms around these parts, is that true? Let’s see who’s the strongest, you, me, or that monster! Winner gets a prize!

Complete Empress in Full Bloom Challenges

Completing the Street Fighter V Challenge in Monster Hunter World.

Completing the challenge will earn you SFV Ticket II. These are needed to create the Sakura Armor Set.

These challenges take place in the Arena and pit you against a Pink Rathian. For the average hunter this shouldn’t be much of a problem, especially since you have ample faints and a forgiving time expiration. Since everyone runs a different build, I won’t really make any recommendations on what to run, but do choose a weapon you are comfortable with. After you’ve chosen your loadout, you will be able to fight the Pink Rathian. Upon defeating it you will receive a number of rewards, including SFV Tickets II. This is what we need to make the Sakura armor set.

Ticket Payout:

A Rank = 3 Tickets

B Rank = 2 Tickets

C Rank = 1 Tickets

Crafting the Sakura Armor Set

The Sakura armor set is a full armor set.

Once you have your SFV Tickets II, make your way to the Smithy on Astera. At the Smithy select Forge Equipment and choose the Full Armor Set option. Here you will see the new Sakura armor set. Since this is a full armor set, you need to equip all pieces at once (so no set mingling). To craft the Sakura armor set requires the following material:

  • SFV Ticket II (x4)
  • Hunter King Coin (x4)
  • Rathian Coin (x4)
  • Pink Rathian Scale+ (x6)

Once you’ve collected all the materials, you will be able to craft and equip this new Street Fighter V full armor set.

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