How to Get the Rotom Bike in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

The bicycle is a staple in the Pokemon series, so you may be wondering where to get one in the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games. Like other games there is a bike to unlock in these titles which make travelling much faster. The guide below will show you how to get the Rotom Bike in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Save the Doctor on Route 5

Image showing the doctor on Route 5.

To get the bicycle you need to defeat the first gym leader, Milo, in the town of Turffield. After you defeat this Gym Leader you will be tasked with making your way across Route 5. As you travel across Route 5 you will come across Team Yell harassing a doctor for his bicycle. Step up to them and you will trigger a battle. Team Yell will use the following Pokemon:

  • Zigzagoon (Lv. 17).
  • Thievul (Lv.18).
  • Sableye (Lv.18).

Upon defeat of both Team Yell Grunts you will scare them off. The doctor you saved will give you the Rotom Bike for saving him.

How to Use the Rotom Bike

Image showing the Rotom Bike in action.

The Rotom Bike can be equipped by Pressing either the + or – button. When the bike is equipped you will ride with Rotom. To trigger the Rotom boost press the B button. This causes you to get a short speed burst. Note you can’t spam this ability. It appears there is a short cooldown between trigger the boost.

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