How to Get the Eagle-Eyed Trophy in Devil May Cry 5

In Devil May Cry 5 there are a number of trophies/achievements that are tied to destroying certain walls in certain levels. The Eagle-Eyed is one of these trophies/achievements. Below I will show you how to get the Eagle-Eyed trophy in Devil May Cry 5.

Playthrough Mission 09 Up to the Catacombs

To begin, playthrough Mission 9 up to the Catacombs area. Make your way inside the Catacombs and take out the enemies in the hallway. Go into the first room which has a hole in it. Go down the hole in the floor into the area below.

Call Forth Nightmare

After you drop through the hole in the floor you will be attacked by a few enemies. Call forth your Nightmare and it will break through a wall in this area. Once the wall is broken, you will receive the Eagle-Eye trophy/achievement. There is also a collectible in the area Nightmare breaks out of.

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