How to Get the Drama and Weirdo Masks in The Division 2

In The Division 2 you can find some hidden enemies known as Hunters which can be fought to obtain their masks. These hidden enemies are rather difficult and are well hidden. To help you find these enemies and get their masks I’m doing a series covering all Hunter Masks locations. To start us off here’s our how to get the Drama and Weirdo masks guide for The Division 2.

Important Notes:

  • The two keys can be grabbed at anytime, but the Hunters must be spawned at night (21:00).
  • If you fail to kill these Hunters you can summon them the next in-game day to try again.
  • Defeat these Hunters to get the Drama and Weirdo Masks.
  • Chance they drop an Off-White Keys.
  • Hunters are hard to take down solo. Get a friend or NPCs to help you whenever possible.

Grab Keys and Turn on Generators Around Washington DC

To spawn in these two Hunters you need to find two Generator Keys to turn on two Generators across Washington DC. The video above by WiLLiSGaming does a good job of showing you where to find the keys and generators. If you don’t want to watch the video check out this quick text guide below.

Generator Keys

  1. Generator Key 1 (White House): On present in Christmas display to the south of the White House.
  2. Generator Key 2 (Judiciary Square): On present in Christmas display 5 St and G St.

Once you have both keys you need to turn on the generators these keys correspond to. There are two generators to turn on and they are located at:


  1. Generator 1 + 2 (Downtown East): Can be found along F St NW near 7th St SW. Go to the center of the Christmas Display where there is a stage. Here look on both sides of the stage for Green Generators that have a Yellow Cable running from them. Turn on these Green Generator during the night then follow the Yellow Cables to reach levers. Pull both levers.

Once both levers return to the center stage and pull the lever there that is now active. When you pull this lever you will spawn in both of the Hunters on the steps of the Denys R. Crompton Center for Portrait Art.

Drama and Weirdo Masks Pictures & Information

Image showing the Weirdo Mask in The Division 2.
Image showing the Weirdo Mask in The Division 2.

The Drama and Weirdo masks are two of the Hunter Masks you can unlock in The Division 2. These masks are cosmetic items you can find and equip under the Apparel > Mask. Once you collect one Hunter mask it will be added to the collection wall in the basement of the White House.

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