How to Get Sizzling Spice Tickets in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

During the summer Sizzling Spice Fest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players can earn special event tickets. These tickets come in two forms the Sizzling Spice Tickets and the VIP tickets. By earning these tickets players can unlock the seasonal armor and the layered version of it. So how do you get tickets. Check out our how to get Sizzling Spice tickets in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide below.

Get Seasonal Tickets from Daily Login Bonuses

Image showing the Sizzling Spice tickets from the login bonus of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The first way of getting tickets is by collecting the daily login bonus each day. Over the course of the seasonal event you can earn 1x Sizzling Spice Ticket as a daily login bonus. This means you can amass a large amount of tickets over the course of the events life relatively easily by logging once per day. Just remember when you logged in first so you can login around that time the next day.

Complete Daily Bounties to Get Sizzling Spice Tickets


Alongside the one ticket you can get from the Daily Login Bonus are tickets you can earn from completing Limited Bounties. These Bounties can be started at the Resource Center > Register Bounties. Use these a primary source of tickets. Simply complete the available daily bounties each day that reward you with seasonal tickets. Since there are multiple daily bounties you can earn a lot of them in a short period of time. These bounties typically involve completing certain Master Rank hunts of specific monsters.

These are two majors sources of these seasonal tickets in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Using the above methods you can attain enough to unlock the seasonal armor set called the Passion set. If you have other ways of getting tickets you like let me hear them in comments below. Happy hunting out there.

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