How to Get Diablo IV Early Access Codes

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The long waited Diablo IV is close to releasing and the developers are holding a couple of especial weekends for players to try the game early. These special weekends are for Early Access and Open Beta experiences. Players that want to get in as soon as possible will want to play during Early Access. To learn how to get Diablo IV early access codes, see our guide below.

Diablo 4 Early Access Details

The Early Access period for Diablo 4 runs from March 17-19. During this weekend players that have special codes are able to download and playthrough the game’s opening section. To participate in this weekend you will need to use one of a few methods to snag yourself an Early Access Diablo IV code.

Option 1: Pre-Order Diablo 4

The first guaranteed method of getting into the Early Access weekend is to pre-order Diablo 4. This method guarantees that you will receive a code for Early Access as one of the pre-order bonuses. If you are going to be buying Diablo 4 at launch, this is the best approach to securing your access to the Early Access weekend.

NOTE: You may be able to purchase just the Early Access code off someone using a key reseller. This method is a bit more suspect, so be aware of all of the risks before you take the chance.

Option 2: Buy a Double Down from KFC (America Only)

If you don’t want to pay full price for Diablo 4 but still want Early Access there is another guaranteed method. This method is to purchase a Double Down sandwich from KFC using online ordering. When you order this item you will be emailed a a Early Access code you can use to access the game this weekend.

Option 3: Enter the Pray to Lilith Competition

While the first two methods above guarantee you an early access code, this third method is more up to chance. During the Early Access weekend, Diablo is running a competition for Early Access codes. The rules of this contest are located on the Diablo forums. All you need to do to participate is quote the tweet above and wait 24 hours to see if you’ve won.

If you don’t feel like using any of the methods listed above, fret not. The Open Beta for Diablo IV will occur next weekend (March 24-27). Due to its open nature you do not have to purchase anything, but can simply take part in the weekend.

Players that do play through the Early Access and Open Beta periods for Diablo IV should be aware of some special unlocks that they can get. There is a cosmetic back item called the Beta Wolf Pack that can be yours by completing a very simple task.

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