How to Fight the Grafted Scion Again in Elden Ring

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The Grafted Scion is the first boss you face off against in Elden Ring. This boss, like other first bosses in soulseborne, are designed for players to die to. After you’ve died to this boss the game begins. Thankfully you can fight the boss again through relatively simple means later in the story. To learn how to fight the Grafted Scion again in Elden Ring see our guide below.

Use the Portal Next to The Four Belfries in Liurnia

Use the portal at this map location.

On the west side of the Liurnia lake there is a named location, The Four Belfries. In this named location there are four belfries: three with portals and one with a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to get an Imbued Sword Key then use it to unlock the furthest east portal (shown on map above). Go through the portal to go back to the Chapel of Anticipation.

Walk forward across the bridge to reach the fog gate. Go through the fog gate to trigger the fight with the Grafted Scion. At this point you should be able to easily handle this boss fight. Defeat the Grafted Scion to receive the Ornamental Straightsword and the Beast Crest Shield. To return back to the mainland simply fast travel to a Site of Grace.

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