How to Fast Travel in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 adds a number of new additions to the popular basketball title. One of the more interesting and welcome additions is the ability to fast travel. This new ability is very useful for players to use when they are out in The City. To learn how to fast travel in NBA 2K22 see our guide below.

You unlock the ability to fast travel in NBA 2K22 fairly early in the MyCAREER mode. Once you’ve spoken to both NPCs regarding going to either the G League or College the option to fast travel will appear. Using this option is very simple. There is a button you can press to be taken back to your apartment. On consoles the button is R1. Pressing the Fast Travel button makes the prompt shown above appear. Select Yes to go to your apartment’s front door.

The fast travel system only works for taking you back to your apartment. If you are wanting to cover distance in The City you will need to use the new methods of travel. These methods include a skateboard, bike, and other interesting ways of getting around.

That’s all you need to know about the Fast Travel system in NBA 2K22. This new system allows you to quickly return to your apartment if you have a quest or NPC to visit with.

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