How to Access NBA 2K21 DLC Items

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It’s that time of year again for another NBA 2K game to purchase and play. This year’s edition, NBA 2K21, is jammed full of DLC items to grab it you picked up any of the multiple versions of the game. To help you get all your items, I’ve thrown together this how to access NBA 2K21 DLC items guide. Read below to find out when and how you receive the various preorder and edition DLC items.

Note: In typical 2K fashion there are issues with people receiving their pre-order and edition items. This should fixed at some point.

How to Receive your Virtual Currency (VC), MyTEAM Points, and Tokens

Image showing how to get the VC, MyTEAM Points, and Tokens.

Players that pre-purchase or buy the Mamba Edition of NBA 2K21 get bonus Virtual Currency to get things started in their MyPlayer career. Pre-orders receive 5,000 VC while Mamba Forever players get an additional 100K VC. These one-time amounts are deposited into your account the first time you login to NBA 2K21 while connected to the internet.

Both pre-purchase and the Mamba Forever edition come with bonus MyTEAM Points. To have the points credited to your account you will want to login to the MyTEAM game mode from the main menu. When you login to the MyTEAM mode for this first time while connected to the internet you will receive the points owed.

How to Get MyTEAM Promo Cards and Mamba Forever Cards

Image showing How to Get MyTEAM Promo Cards and Mamba Forever Cards in NBA 2K21.

While in the MyTEAM mode you will also want to grab the cards you get from pre-purchase and the Mamba Forever edition. The rare player cards can be found under the Pack Market > Unopened Packs. Simple claim them to have them added to your collection. Alongside these cards you will get MyTEAM Promo packs. These packs are also available under the Pack Market > Unopened Packs. You will receive more each week depending on which edition of the game you picked up.

Where to Find the MyCAREER Skill and Gatorade Boosts?

Both pre-purchase and Mamba Forever editions of the game come with Skill Boosts for your MyPLAYER. These skill boosts can be accessed from the Progression screen in MyPLAYER mode. On this screen you will see a Skill Boosts option. Select this option to see the Skill Boosts you have available. The Gatorade Boosts can also be found in the Skill Boosts section below the Skill Boosts as shown above.

Where Are The MyCAREER Shoe Collections and Backpack?

Image showing where the MyCAREER Shoe Collections and Backpack are in NBA 2K21.

In both the pre-purchase offer and the Mamba Forever Edition there is a collection of 5 pairs of MyCAREER shoes. These shoes can be found inside the Neighborhood through Start > MyPLAYER Appearance > Clothes > Neighborhood > Shoes. On the shoes screen you will have a number of shoes unlocked to equip. The backpack is also found the same way by going Start > MyPLAYER Appearance > Clothes > Neighborhood > Backpack.

That’s all you need to know to get at all the DLC items in NBA 2K21. If you are having issues accessing any of the above listed content drop a comment and see if anyone can help you out. If anything it may just be a wait and see until 2K fixes the issues around the pre-purchase and edition items.

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