Honkai Star Rail Operation Mole Day 4

In Honkai Star Rail there are daily missions that players can complete each day to earn Credits. These daily missions come from a variety of NPCs in the game. One NPC that can give you a daily mission is Julian in Boulder Town. Julian is a member of the Moles and will send you on a mission called Operation Mole which features multiple parts. To complete this daily mission, see our Honkai Star Rail Operation Mole part 4 guide below.

Where to Start Operation Mole Part 4

Map location of Julian in Honkai Star Rail.
Go to this location in Boulder Town to find Julian.

When the daily mission Operation Mole is active you will need to speak to Julian to start it. Julian is located on the planet of Jarilo-VI in Boulder Town. Julian and some other Mole members are out front of Natasha’s clinic. Speak to Julian at this location to begin the daily mission that he will send you on.

Take the Packages that Wildfire Could Not Deliver

Location of the Undelivered packages in Boulder Town.
Interact with the Undelivered Packages to continue the quest.

After you speak to Julian he will ask you to take the packages that Wildfire could not deliver. These packages are located in Boulder Town, down an alley directly to the east of the Underground Shop in the town square area.

Once you are at this location approach the Undelivered Packages and interact with them to trigger an interaction with Julian. During this interaction you can deliver one of three packages:

  • Peak’s Package = Delivery in Great Mine.
  • Eunice’s Package = Delivery in Robot Settlement.
  • Patient’s Package = Delivery in Boulder Town.

Which package you choose determines which delivery you need to make. You must deliver each package to different NPCs located in various places on Jarilo-VI, so keep that in mind before deciding.

Give the Package to Its Proper Recipient

Operation Mole mission completed screen.

Once you’ve decided on which of the packages you wish to deliver, head to that delivery location. At this location speak to the package recipient. After you’ve spoken with them give them their package. This marks the end of the daily mission.

For completing this mission you receive 5,000 Credits. By advancing the Operation Mole questline, you also gain the ability to immediately complete any additional parts that may be added in the future.

The Operation Mole mission is not the only daily side mission players can complete in the game. There are other daily missions to complete including On the Doorsteps of Science and The Setting Sun is the Most Beautiful. See those guides for details.

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