Honkai Star Rail Grinding in the Dark Agnes

In Honkai Star Rail there are daily missions that players can complete each day to earn Credits. These daily missions come from a variety of NPCs in the game. One NPC that can give you a daily mission is Agnes. Agnes is a member of the Rightful Rights Society. She asks for your help with Natasha in the Underworld. To complete this daily mission, see our Honkai Star Rail Grinding in the Dark Agnes version guide below.

Note: This daily mission features multiple possible versions. Once you’ve completed the Old Goethe starting mission you will receive a random daily mission from one of four different NPCs. This guide is for Agnes request.

Where to Start Grinding in the Dark (Agnes)

Noticeboard location in the Administrative District of Jarilo-VI.

When the daily mission Grinding in the Dark is active you will need to check the noticeboard in the Administrative District. Go to the location shown on the map above and Investigate the noticeboard there. You will receive a request from Agnes. This unlocks the first objective of the daily mission.

Talk to Agnes About Her Request

To help Agnes with her request you need to gather more information from her. This means you need to find and speak to her. Thankfully for us, Agnes is close by. From the noticeboard head north to the Administrative District Shop building. At this building you will find Agnes standing nearby. Speak to her there and say “I’ll help you exercise your rightful rights!” when prompted. Agnes will then ask you to get a Doctor’s Note for her to take some sick leave.

Talk to Natasha in Her Underworld Clinic

Asking Natasha for a doctor's letter inside of her clinic.

To get the Doctor’s Note for Agnes you need to speak to Natasha in the Underworld. Go to Boulder Town and visit Natasha’s Clinic. Head inside the clinic and speak to the Natasha there. Ask her “Can you write a sick leave letter…?” to trigger an interaction with Natasha. Following the interaction Natasha agrees to give you the note like you requested.

Report Back to Agnes

Once you’ve secured the note from Natasha head back to Agnes in front of the Administrative District Shop. Tell her “I got you a doctor’s letter.” Agnes will take the letter from you and will give you a reward for helping her out.

For completing this mission you receive 5,000 Credits. By advancing the Grinding in the Dark questline, you also gain the ability to immediately complete any additional parts that may be added in the future.

The Grinding in the Dark mission is not the only daily side mission players can complete in the game. There are other daily missions to complete including On the Doorsteps of Science and The Setting Sun is the Most Beautiful. See those guides for details.

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